Your needs

From its creation, Installux has been committed to supporting artisanal aluminium manufacturers in the development of their activities.

At Installux Aluminium & Partners, we are aware that our customers’ needs are not limited to the ranges of products we provide. Product is a prerequisite to which Installux strives daily to meet, constinually striving for quality of implementation and technical performance. Do you have real needs in terms of training, support and specific tools for the daily management of your company, its economic development and its influence? We can provide you with concrete answers easy to handle.

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Need an effective communication strategy?

To assert your notoriety and win new customers

As an aluminium joinery manufacturer with a passion for your trade, your business is developing in an increasingly competitive context. You need support in mastering and deploying your Communication strategy in order to assert your position as an expert in your market.

Find out how Installux meets your need for a 360°c support, whether to optimise your communication, develop your skills or manage your company daily.

Enhance and promote your know-how

In need of customised technical expertise?

For your development

As a business owner, you are interested in diversifying into aluminium joinery; or you are already an aluminium joiner looking to improve and deepen your performance and skills to carry out more demanding projects. So you are mainly looking for modular solutions, enabling you to develop your technical expertise.

Installux will help you to discover your most technical needs. Our technical solutions will accompany your teams from the design to the realisation of your projects, even the most ambitious ones.

Technical support and systems expertise