Installux customer service allows aluminium carpentry manufacturers to benefit from professional and experienced service. Each craftsman is accompanied by a dedicated person for all the projects he undertakes. Benefit from a 100% personalised follow-up, as well as all the Installux expertise.

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Your regional manager is obviously the key to a successful customer relationship. Being dedicated to your region, he knows your markets and your issues very well. The regional manager is a real partner in your success: he is at your side to help you make the right choices.

The regional manager, a man in the field, is also an essential technical partner. As he ensures permanent contact with the design office and the Installux R&D department, he knows which resources to mobilise to answer all your most complex questions.

Your partner is at your side to find real solutions. It allows you to benefit from the support of Installux to respond to your calls for tenders and argue your proposals.

The Installux regional manager is in close collaboration with your dedicated customer service advisor, and knows perfectly how your company works, as well as the specificities of your sector of activity.

In addition, it helps you build skills in the use of business software, such as:

  • Phoebus*, our design software for verandas, pergolas and railings.
  • Cover 3D, our 3D software for verandas, pergolas and railings.
  • LogixAlu, our design software adapted to the control of machining benches
  • Metalcad, our perfect solution for your gates and fences creations

*Phoebus designed by Installux is a price study software that allows you to manage both public and private business. Our software also allows the quick encryption of data thanks to the entire Installux range.


Price study → thanks to Phoebus, perform price calculations in cost price or selling price with various margin coefficients. The software also allows the calculation of material needs in net disbursement by:

  • optimising scrap for aluminium profiles;
  • respecting the packaging of the sales of accessories.

Editing the software edits the suite of essential documents for the proper manufacture of aluminium carpentry.

Calculation of value Phoebus supports the calculation of the Uw values of the frames per item and per job.

Possible exports for a complete management of the estimate the software generates the principle sections and elevations of the aluminium carpentry in order to allow users to print them or work them again in software such as Autocar, Turbocad and Draft Sight.

Finally, Phoebus communication manages the machining of the main ranges. Machining is managed via Unilink.Finally, all quotes processed in Phoebus can be reused in numerous interfaces, such as the multi-product software Hercule Pro and Lola, or via the Microsoft® suite (Excel, Word ) and PDF.


At Installux, a specific person is entirely dedicated to your service: as an experienced professional in sales administration in aluminium carpentry, he accompanies you on each of your projects.
From order taking to delivery, its availability and personalised follow-up of your company are real assets for your daily management. Your customer service advisor and your regional manager form a winning duo whose sole objective is to streamline all your interactions with Installux.


Installux technical support is provided by our customer design office. The technical support provides you with the following assistances by working closely and permanently with R&D:

  • technical advice for the use of our product range;
  • advice on how to respond to invitations to tender;
  • support for personalized costing;
  • support for complex thermal performance calculations, and other technical questions…
  • technical support in case of after sales service;
  • a support of proximity able to guide you in your workshop for the manufacture of new products;
  • support in the manufacturing of new applications or new products.

Technical support also manages the distribution, upgrades and user assistance of business design and costing software (Phoebus, Cover, LogixAlu or Metalcad).


Installux R&D is made up of project managers, designers and experienced technicians who are responsible for developing the ranges and creating the products of tomorrow.

Our Research and Development department regularly markets innovative system concepts, making Installux the leading independent French company for the design and distribution of profiles and accessories for the aluminium carpentry market.

The R&D department is responsible for carrying out the projects, from the specifications containing customer needs to marketing. Installux R&D designs products with high added value, integrating innovative and differentiating technologies in a simple and invisible way.

Its integrated laboratory allows our R&D department to have an approved test bench to carry out AEV tests and test all products before they are put on the market.

The R&D department ensures the transfer of the various technical elements allowing the creation of technical catalogs, as well as the updating of the business software intended for you in direct contact with the Customer Design Office.


All the services developed by Installux by your side have a common objective: to optimise your competitiveness and your profitability.

The run-to-length service, for example, allows you to buy the precise yardage you really need → no seams, less scrap and therefore more profitability.

At Installux, you also buy all colours and finishes at the same price because we know that it is these small details put together that help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Being concerned about your waste management, we also optimise all our packaging to save you time and improve your competitiveness.


The Xperience Installux program brings together a community of aluminium carpentry manufacturers looking to develop their business. Our team drives this community with:

  • events scheduled every quarter;
  • domestic business operations;
  • support in the use of web and print promotion tools made available to program members.
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Better manage and develop your human resources.


Improve your skills in the management of aluminium carpentry engineering.


Help you stand out from your competitors.


Support you in the development of your business.

Campus Aluminium Installux also helps you find new talents. We have developed an innovative recruitment process that allows you to select and then recruit carpenters after training as a manufacturer assembler fitter of aluminium carpentry.

This is a 400-hour training course funded by Pôle Emploi, which allows the candidates you have selected beforehand to pass the 1st certificate of skills for the Professional Title of Aluminium Carpenter from the Ministry of Labor (Niv3).

All training is carried out with the Installux aluminium carpentry range. During their training, carpenters complete a three-week internship in your establishment before joining your team.

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