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Satellite® Gate & Fence

The Satellite® gates will allow you to meet all of your customers’ tastes and requirements: either modern or rather classic look, shape (straight, curved or bell curved), choice of filling (full, perforated or mixed), either swinging, sliding or self-supporting.

In accordance with the applicable standards, our different systems are all based on a mechanical assembly which ensures the implementation’s resilience and simplicity.

The assembly of the structure is achieved with the help of aluminium cover plates and attachment plates.

The mullions are available in two different heights, in order to allow an even aesthetic on the two sides of the gate while simplifying the bars’ cutting.

Furthermore, the range provides solutions in order to adapt the gates to all lands and settings, even for big-sized projects.

Finally, it allows you to offer a global solution to your customer: a gate, a door gate, a fence or a matching screen.

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  • Safety of the people: guarantee against risks of jamming, pinching, squeezing and cutting
  • Robustness of the mechanical assemblies
  • Immaculate and aesthetic finishing touches


  • In accordance with the applicable standards
  • CETIM report downloadable on your Partner Space