Highlight and promote your know-how

Trained joiner, aluminium manufacturer by passion, you know and love your occupation.

Nevertheless, you are looking for accessible solutions to manage, maintain and develop your business daily. To meet your needs, Installux offers complete and tailor-made support solutions.

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Your needs 

  • You want to promote your occupation and control your communication beyond simple word of mouth.
  • You are having difficulty recruiting qualified and passionate staff in line with your vision of the occupation of aluminium joiner manufacturer.
  • You want to manage more efficiently the financial, marketing, human resources, sales and management aspects of your business.
  • You wonder about new technologies real interest within the company, their potential contribution to your occupation and the solutions you manufacture.
  • You are struggling to stay in touch with the market, new trends, regulations and standards.

Installux satisfies your need for 360°c support.

As an aluminium designer, Installux promotes the activity of all aluminium carpentries specialists. Because we are close to our customers, we understood from the very beginning that their needs were not only for quality products but also for management, communication and adaptation to the evolution of the occupation.

Maximise your communication

  • Mastering your communication is nowadays essential for any company wishing to expand its presence on the market and fight against standardisation, as well as developing into new markets.
  • Instalallux provides turnkey toolboxes for partner manufacturers wishing this service. This will help them in promoting their technical know-how and implement complete marketing campaigns.
  • Employment flexibility is at the heart of our concerns as well as those of our customers. As a result, our complete solutions can be easily integrated into the communication strategies already established within the company.

Managing your human resources and developing skills

  • In a highly competitive sector, where most of your prospecting is done by word of mouth, it is not always easy to recruit new talent and offer attractive career development prospects.
  • Daily, it would help if you consequently had support in the recruitment of your teams. You desire to win the loyalty of your co-worker and your professional partners, and you are determined to improve your employees’ skills through professional training adapted to the occupation.
  • Installux’s support will allow you to communicate on your brand image as an employer, to perfect your reputation, and also to optimise the management of your human resources. So you will benefit from all the potential you need to control the Human perimeter of your company. In this way, you will have the keys to make the right decisions to implement acceptable practices.

Manage your business on a day-to-day basis

  • Management and business: Installux is a daily partner to help you measure the profitability of your business, managing a cash flow forecast or planning the development of your company.
  • Business: As a manufacturer enjoying spending time at work, it is not always easy to motivate oneself to carry out specific administrative tasks, even though it is essential. As part of its support program, Installux offers you the necessary resources to organise your commercial activity, your annual action plan, or to create a prospecting list.
  • Marketing: With our experts’ assistance, develop a positioning strategy for your product offering and create promotional offers. Distinguish your proposal from the surrounding market by analysing your positioning in the local ecosystem.

For more information on how Installux meets your needs for expertise and technical outsourcing, check out our solutions

“to be co-developed together.”

The advantage Installux

Installux, with its Aluminium Campus, a recognised training organisation, maintains close contact with its customers and offers them personalised 360°c support, based on 4 pillars: Technique, Business, Communication and HR.