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Univers® facade

With its Univers® 54 concept, Installux developed a technical and design expertise for building all kinds of facades, for many a year.

The range includes a wide selection of uprights and junctions, which provides two assembly choices, either forceful or piercing, free of upright processing and including the laying in advance or laying in front. With the forceful mode, the drainage will be carried out by means of pressure plates and caps, while with the piercing mode the drainage will be achieved in quick succession along the uprights, thanks to its specific rails.

The range thus offers the possibility to perform all kinds of projects, allowing you to meet a wide choice focusing on the aesthetic and the sizing of the facade’s panel in line with the technical requirements, the geographical position and the thermal performances sought.

The facade system allows the installation of glazing of up to 49 mm.

It is possible to incorporate top-hung SSG (Structural Sealant Glazing) vents along with all the vents belonging to the Espace® 70TH and Comète® 70TH ranges. The SSG glazing is a technique under SSG ETA in accordance with the applicable regulations. The initial trials have been performed on the top-hung vent in order to achieve the CE marking on the entire facade.

Installux thus ensures that its facades are perfectly in line with the Community scale requirements (CE marking) and the applicable standards.

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  • Possibility to meet all kinds of technical requirements: exposed grid system, strip frame or smooth band
  • Possibility to produce a multifaceted facade
  • Skylight achievable with this range
  • CE marking and thermal performances.


  • In accordance with RT 2012 and BBC (Low-Energy Building)
  • CE marking of the facade according to EN 13830
  • Technique in line with SSG ETA