Lift and slide system Lift and slide system

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Galaxie® lift and slide system

Especially suited for contemporary housing, both new or under renovation, High Performance Galaxie® lift and slide system 45TH combines the best of technique and aesthetics with great finesse.

This range’s ease of implementation, along with the richness of its design, will ensure your replies are perfectly in line with upscale building and renovation projects.

Its design ensures the best thermal and acoustic properties, in accordance with the applicable standards.

The fineness of its aluminium profiles guarantees a clear view of 80% and may receive bays of up to 7m2 per door leaf. The range’s width allows large scale and customised projects, while adjusting to all kinds of assemblies.

Finally, the wide diversity of finishing touches (colours, accessories, interior profiles design) allows to form all manners of original and customised creations.

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  • High profile inertia allows large sizes (up to H3 x L5 — 2V)
  • Door leaf of up to 300 kg
  • Lift closing system with 1 to 4 points ensuring comfort and security
  • Frames compatible with ranges 70TH and 32TH
  • Shutter pieces, flanks and joint-covers compatible with ranges 70 and 32TH
  • A single punching tool in order to perform all of the range’s processing


  • In accordance with DTU 36.5
  • In accordance with RT2012 and BBC (Low-Energy Building)
  • Class 1 force of manoeuvre