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Galaxie® slide system

The Galaxie® sliding window or patio-door ranges with thermal break are meant for new building, for renovation or for patios and extensions of dwelling, and blend in perfectly in every architectural projects. This sliding system combines a wide selection of frames, 2 or 3 mitre-cut profiles assembled by means of crimping or screwable corner cleats. They offer a wide choice of design, from 2 to 6 door leaves. This concept offers an enhanced jamb with an all-height pull handle. Accessories are common to all the sliding system offers, and are customisable.

The Galaxie® slide system 26TH blends in perfectly well with any kind of housing and building while keeping in line with aesthetics and comfort. It represents an easy solution, combining discreet design and energy performances.

The High Performance Galaxie® slide system 32TH combines results and aesthetics wonderfully for both demanding and architectural projects. Its design is customisable, in line with the Espace® windows 70TH and the Comète® doors 70TH (identical shutter pieces, flanks and joint covers).

The original design of the handle uprights and junctions is enhanced by the high end aspect of the vertical frames’ covering (3 choices of design).

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  • Punching tools allowing you to perform all of the ranges’ processing
  • Several shutter-pieces adjustable with any isolation thickness
  • Stainless steel or aluminium profile
  • Adjustable carts with polyamide or stainless steel wheels
  • Sliding seals.


Galaxie® 26TH

In accordance with DTU 36.5

Galaxie® 32TH

In accordance with DTU 36.5

Range under DTA