At Installux, we are committed to supporting our customers in all their projects.  Our human values, at the heart of our philosophy, push us to innovate daily and always to be attentive to our partners.

Close to our customers, we work with a passion for allowing our partners to give free rein to their inventiveness and creativity. Encouraging exchanges with our customers, we work day after day to create an ecosystem based on mutual trust and the desire to progress together.

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The values at heart
of our commitment

A unique relationship with our partners

As an aluminium designer heir to the century-old traditions and values of a Lyon joiner, we have always sought to preserve the unique know-how of aluminium joiner-manufacturers throughout France. For our teams, proximity is an essential value that allows us to interact with our partners:

Understanding the needs of aluminium joinery manufacturers

Meet their expectations in the shortest possible time and with the best technical solutions

Participate in an interactive network of professionals articulated about joiner and his unique know-how: aluminium designer, manufacturers, architects, subcontractors, etc.

Each project undertaken by us is unique. It must breathe the authenticity and profoundly human values that bind today Installux and its partners. When it comes to our teams, we are always looking for the highest degree of exigency, to satisfy our professional partners and their particular customers.

Humans and
universal values

At Installux, we are conscious that human values and performance can be compatible to create a healthy, dynamic and open work environment. In our design offices, training centres and technical workshops, as well as in our customer relationships, we emphasise the universal values that motivate and inspire us:

  • Working passionately and maintaining the Human being at the centre of priorities.
  • We are encouraging inventiveness, sharing our inspiration and experience sources.
  • Be humble and open to new things, to continue to innovate and take on new challenges.
  • We are creating a lasting relationship with our partners, based on loyalty, trust and a taste for well-done work.

at the heart of our ambitions

Innovation has a central place in our company’s activity. Its mastery is essential to enable us to remain forerunners in our activity field.

Solutions developed by our partners from Installux systems always benefit from the latest advances in design, alloys, assembly and integration of new technologies. We always take into account new constraints in our design offices and anticipate the future integration of technologies under development or deployment:

Combination of mechanical and electronic elements
Heated, photovoltaic or opacifier glazings
Motorised sliding windows
Home Automation System Interfaces

As an aluminium designer in aluminium carpentry, Installux does not have the ambition to design electronic or home automation solutions. However, we design our systems taking into account the integration of this equipment. Enabling our business customers to design and manufacture complete integrated solutions easily.

For each Customised project, each technical and ergonomic challenge, Installux offers a range of products adapted to design all kind of solutions. Even better, we have dedicated in-house teams to support you in the design of your solutions. We can help you to adapt the technical answers to your different projects, if necessary. The only limit? Your imagination!

Preserving the know-how of aluminium joiners is a priority for Installux. Together, aluminium designers and manufacturers form a real ecosystem that needs to be protected and highlighted.

Our story

The philosophy and values that motivate the Installux
teams are at the heart of the solutions we have designed for our aluminium joinery manufacturing partners.

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