Differentiate yourself through your technical expertise

As a business owner in creation, conversion or diversification, you have a good sense of business and customer relations.

However, in the context of developing your business, you are looking for differentiation through your know-how and technical expertise. Supported by your aluminium designer Installux, this expertise enables you to optimise your manufacturing processes, to think about the project rather than the product, to meet the requirements of different calls for tenders and to satisfy the customised expectations of specifiers.

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Your needs

  • You are looking for concrete solutions to grow and develop your business by outsourcing with confidence.
  • You are interested in developing skills through training your teams on courses dedicated to your business and your needs (business costing software, professional software, BIM, connected solutions and carpentry integration, and much).
  • It would help if you had privileged and local support from a high-performance R&D department to co-design new aluminium profiles according to your project needs.
  • You are looking for an aluminium designer able to support you in adapting aluminium systems to advanced technical specifications.

Technical expertise to serve you with Installux

Installux daily helps its customers to expand their business and meet new challenges.

It is therefore essential for us to meet the needs of technical support, training, research and development.

Manage your technical workshop

Aluminium joiners’ workshop must be a creative space, a highly technical tool and the expression of a precise manufacturing organisation. For companies starting in aluminium joinery, as well as for those wishing to develop and optimise their manufacturing techniques, Installux offers its services and experts to think, co-create and optimise your aluminium carpentry workshops within the standards and safety requirements of the trade while thinking about productivity.

The Installux experts can thus meet all your needs in terms of specific tooling for aluminium systems. This assistance can also include the provision of dedicated equipment, via a monthly rental system, to support you on a day-to-day basis and in your occasional increases activity.

Knowing how to use dedicated design tools and being open to digitalisation

Aluminium carpentry is a highly technical activity. It can no longer ignore the latest advances in digital tools. Professionals in the sector have a genuine need for training in digital tools to help them manage their activity or in tools for costing their work. They are nowadays essential to enable joiner manufacturers to give free rein to their imagination and bring their projects to life.

Finally, the use of dedicated digital tools considerably facilitates multi-trade management, the organisation of the activity and the integration of new standards and regulations. A powerful ally for all professionals who are diversifying their activity towards aluminium joinery. Newmarket trends lead to the development of connected solutions, and we are witnessing the emergence of mechatronic systems, for example. As a result, the new associated skills must be able to develop  to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Installux supports its customers in this market evolution.

Get privileged access to Installux's design offices and testing laboratory

To respond to new calls for tenders, to make a place for oneself in demanding markets or to develop technical solutions adapted to a unique architectural vision, it is necessary having advanced design resources. However, few joinery manufacturers can make such investments, especially for one-off use.

Installux thus offers its partners the possibility of co-designing specific solutions for customised projects with its custom design office. This kind of service enables them to take full advantage of the expertise and creative capacities of the design and development teams. This is the answer to the most specific projects imagined by architects and thus highlights the manufacturer’s know-how and its ability to design tailor-made solutions.

Installux has a CUBE area dedicated to prototyping and testing to ensure that innovation is given the full scope and can be used for the creation of our manufacturing partners.

For more information on how Installux meets your needs for expertise and technical outsourcing, check out our solutions

“to be co-developed together.”


Daily, we work on the support and added value of an aluminium designer. Alongside us, our partners transform the systems we supply into ever more specific solutions that meet ever more demanding technical requirements ever. Without ever neglecting performance, we are committed to promoting the unique know-how and expertise of our aluminium manufacturer partners.