Installux company is the heir to nearly one hundred years of artisans and manufacturers traditions. In 1923, Alfred Ollier created his company specialised in woodworking, rue Baraban in Lyon. As a joiner, he quickly put human values at the heart of his company’s philosophy. While the latter’s activity is gradually expanding, its proximity to customer base remains valued in all circumstances.

1963: from joinery to aluminium activity

In 1963, facing the evolution of construction techniques and the renovation of buildings, OLLIER companies open up to the use of new materials:

  •   An aluminium activity has been created that year under the brand INSTALLUX
  •   For woodworking as aluminium, OLLIER firm develops its aluminium designer positioning.

Since then, aluminium designer aim was not to realise carpentry, but providing quality products for artisans and manufacturers who elaborated thanks to the original and customised technical solutions.

1987: the Installux group gains momentum

In 1987, OLLIER company was taken over by its employees and subsequently focuses on aluminium solutions. It was the beginning of Installux most significant period.  The coming decade is expected to be incredibly prosperous for Rhodanian company, which will experience both national and international development.

The 90s: expansion of Installux activities

During the 1990s, the company experienced an essential growth of its activities.

  • Buyouts,
  • Creation of craftsmen networks

International expansion, with the creation of an Installux Gulf subsidiary at Barheïn en 1997.

Installux: an aluminium designer closer to its customers

Despite impressive growth, Installux achieves keeping real proximity with its customer base. As aluminium designer, it is not only essential to know professional customers and their needs, but equally imperative to support and motivate them in their activities, especially regarding ready-to-install industrial.

Since the beginning of 2000s, Installux has continued to consolidate its industrial activity with the vertical integration of different companies. Enough to allow the company based in Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure to increase the internal control of its industrial tool. Hence, to satisfy its professional customers as best it can.To meet its professional at the best.

Installux integrate lacquering with part-exchange of FAC

Founded in 1989, France Alu Color specialises in powder coating.

Deployment of a high-performance lacquering line.

This new vertical lacquering includes the latest powder technologies and environmental waste treatment. FAC also houses a crimping workshop for thermal bridge break profiles and a sublimation workshop (wood finishes) to expand the range of finishing touches.

Installux launches the range 70 TH.

Thanks to this range of windows and sliding doors, Installux is the unique aluminium designer to offer simultaneously three products that outperform 2010 and 2012 RT standards.

Creation of Installux Extrusion Services

2008 crisis-affected Installux’s leading supplier for aluminium profile extrusion: Metales. Its manager closes its extrusion plant in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. The operation of this site represents an opportunity for Installux to secure its aluminium supplies.  Initiated in 2010, the restart of the unit leads to the creation of Installux Extrusion Services (IES).

A new tandem at the head of Installux

Christian Canty entrusts the general management to his son Christophe.  Sylvain Charretier succeeds Gérard Costaille as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. So, a new duo is at the head of installux.

Campus Aluminium

Creation of Campus Aluminium, the Skills Center of Installux Group to carry our customers in the perpetuation of their know-how.

Installux, Aluminium & Partners : new brand identity

Installux confirms its ambition : become the referent aluminium designer in the valorization and the perpetuation of the Aluminium Joiner.

Aluminium designer, the heart of Installux activity

In what consist aluminium designer occupation?

Installux is not just a designer of technical aluminium elements.   It is an actual aluminium designer at the service of manufacturers and processors of aluminium joinery. Aluminium designer occupation covers two activities:

On the one hand, Installux imagines, designs and produces aluminium frame systems through its Research and Development department.
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On the other hand, we take care of distributing them to our manufacturer customers, developing our customer support around services dedicated to their needs.
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We do not address ourselves to private individuals with aluminium equipment, but rather to aluminium joiners, real aluminium transformers who have their  production workshop.

To keep in mind

Our customers are our partners. As an aluminium designer, we support them as they transform the systems we design into unique, aesthetic and high-performance solutions.

Closer to our customers

Thanks to our positioning, we ensure both:

  • The fundamental design of the systems, taking into account technical and regulatory standards.
  • Their production, from extrusion to lacquering, with optimal quality control.
  • The distribution of components. Installux’s know-how in this field is undeniable, enabling manufacturers to limit their stocks drastically.
  • We are supporting our customers in technical optimization  and the development of their customer experience.

In short, we provide a real 360°c personalised service.

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Consult online an extract from the book retracing the history of the Installux Group.

As an aluminium designer, we have never forgotten our origin and the values that have accompanied us for a century.

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