Luciole® porch with flatroof: the possibilities are as endless as the projects

With its inside-outside conception and its multiple refurbishing and decoration possibilities, the porch offers the opportunity to rethink a living area. Whether traditional or contemporary, there has to be a porch to match every project.

véranda à toiture terrasse

To each house its own style

Because of how it adapts itself to any kind of house, the traditional porch’s success is rightfully deserved. As always, with an emphasis on light, the Luciole® traditional porch provided by the aluminium designer Installux allows two different kinds of rooftops varying in appearance. Structured on its outside, the thorn rooftop offers the old-fashioned style of the porches of yore, while the tubular rooftop will put its sleek lines at the use of a more modern aesthetic.

On the other side, the Luciole® porch with flatroof chooses contemporary aesthetic for a living area meant for cosiness. Its aluminium carpentry was designed to bring both an optimum brightness by admitting very large glass panels, and controlled energy performances throughout the year. Its perfect insulation for a stronger thermal unit is the major asset of this porch, which has perfectly grasped the issues of the modern house.

Intérieur de la véranda Luciole

Focus on the flatroof of the Luciole® porch

The flatroof, perfect for all expansion projects, takes advantage from the last technological updates. What with its wooden or aluminium framework and its insulation panels, it ensures a foolproof insulation. It is also the best solution for big projects: tall heights under the ceiling, integrating one or several light shafts and any kind of opening there is, possibility to vary the thermal unit and sunlight…

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Véranda Luciole Installux en détails

A customised porch project

Just like houses, porches follow seasons and climates. Of course, they adapt to each person’s tastes and to all lifestyles. Because wellness comes hand in hand with a customised living area, the Luciole® aluminium sunroom provides numerous finishing touches and colour nuanced to measure.

High-performance carpentry

Doors, windows, fix and sliding bay windows… Installux’s 70TH and 32TH ranges guarantee very high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation. They may be complemented with a set of high-performance glazing, such as the solar controlled glazing. Glazing and rooftop panels adapt to all types of heating and to the exposure of the house. All for a well-managed energy balance.

Customisable appearance

For a pleasant atmosphere, be careful to favour colours with wood species effect and indirect, softened light. As for harmony, bicoloured carpentry match the porch’s style to the house’s Whether on inside or the outside, a whole range of finishing touches, from roof ridges to door knobs, allow to turn each and every porch into a customised living area.