Porch: adaptation and design with the Installux systems

For every project, there’s a porch! It’s this simple principle that should guide all project of building a new or renovating a house. The modern porch adapts itself to any setting, any climate, any taste.

Taking into account the specificities of each house

Setting up a porch is more than laying a structure against a facade. For the project to be viable and the new room pleasant, several rules should be respected.

As the concept of building porches from the designer Installux’s systems is both malleable and adaptable, each house will be able to set its criteria and conditions on the building, whether new or in renovation. Among the issues to manage, there are:

  • The regulations settled by the municipality or co-ownership establishing specifications prior to any site.
  • The exposure of the house or facade: porches with a northern exposure requires more heating, especially in cold and mountainous regions, while those with a southern exposure and located on the west will require more ventilation, especially in the south of France.
  • The setting up: diagonally (one wall adjoining the house), encased (three adjoining wall, perfect for creating a light shaft and giving a new revival to an unoccupied area of the house) or in an angle (two adjoining walls, a classic and functional structure).
  • The region’s climate and features: wind, saline atmosphere, or snow are just so many decisive criteria.
  • The surface required for the porch and technical restrictions linked to the house and/or the existing structure in case of a renovation. Beyond 20m², you’ll have to ask for a building permit.
  • The planned use: a summer dining room will not be designed a year-long living room, which won’t be considered as an office would.

personnes profitant d'une véranda Installux

A design porch thanks to Installux aluminium systems

Adapting a porch to a house is more than a technical question. The house residents’ urges and the overall appearance of the building should equally be taken into account. Installux designed three types of porch systems which adapt to every taste and every set-up:

  • The Luciole® porch with thorn rooftop, which may seem “Victorian,” reclaims the moulding and the style of the atria of the winter gardens of yore.  This concept allows to create sophisticated creations in several levels and maximum lighting. It rests on a comprehensive range of profiles and accessories which will blend to any existing structure without any execution issue.
  • The Luciole® porch with tubular rooftop, and frame belonging to the 50TH and 26TH ranges, offer a contemporary aspect. This innovating concept integrates great insulation potentials (thermal, acoustic) along with a smooth design, which would suit perfectly large-sized or out-of-normal projects.
  • The Luciole® porch with terrace rooftop enjoys the latest technological upgrades, such as insulation panels, ensuring a foolproof insulation. The porch with terrace rooftop is the best solution for big projects and expansions: tall heights under the ceiling, integrating one or several light shafts and any kind of opening there are.

exemple de vérandas de style différent

Focus on the material selection

The benefits of aluminium with respect to building and renovating porches need no introduction. This light and malleable material is adapted to all existing structures, it is moulded to measure and may take the desired aspect thanks to a large pallet of bright, mat, sand or metal colours.

Once the profiles are designed and set, many other solutions exist for the porch to blend fully and in harmony with the house. Why not extend the lines by offering large openings to the porch? It is also possible play on the colours of the frames or the solar protection for the porch to match perfectly the rest of the house. And to turn it into a living room pleasant to stay in all year long, there are glazing solutions which will balance heat and light for you.

systèmes Installux utilisés pour des vérandas