The flat roof veranda by Installux

Building a house addition and redesigning its interior space without fear of disfiguring the building is possible thanks to the flat roof veranda made of aluminium, manufactured from Installux high-performance systems.

The veranda: a real extra room

The star of renovation projects, the flat roof veranda shatters all the clichés of the veranda of yesteryear. The days of the simple winter garden or summer living room are gone! The modern veranda is a versatile and multi-purpose room. Technical advances in materials and insulation technology make it a real extra room. It is not only square metres that are gained, but a new living space, in complete harmony with the existing building.

Thanks to the flat roof, or roof terrace, the integration is done in perfect continuity with the existing building. Instead of having a veranda installed on a house facade, a room is added in a harmonious way. Inside, the transitions with the extension are undetectable and all layouts can be planned, from the kitchen to the living room, the workshop, the office… The roof terrace of the Luciole® veranda by Installux is the judicious choice that will adapt to architectural constraints and respect the overall aesthetics of each home while adding a renewal touch.

The light sets allowed by the flat roof veranda

Among the advantages of this type of roof, there are the great qualities of flexibility and adaptability, as well as the ability to diffuse light. It is therefore possible to integrate one or more skylights, even with high ceilings, and to adjust the different types of opening. For example, it is possible to create a kitchen overhung by a skylight without fear of overheating and glare, thanks to high-performance solar-control glazing and set of adjustable blackout blinds, etc. A very large glazed area to enjoy the view of the garden can be planned. And it is possible to combine sliding and fixed windows or doors. In this configuration, the flat roof ensures continuity between interior and exterior, while adapting to the openings and glazing so that the light brings only comfort and well-being.

exemples de vérandas à toiture terrasse

Focus on a complete protection

The Luciole® flat roof veranda proposed by Installux has excellent insulation and waterproofing qualities. It complies perfectly with the criteria that make an efficient veranda: rainwater and meltwater drainage, resistance to mechanical stress, thermal shock, pollution and radiation. Its structure consisting of an aluminium frame and insulating panels fitted with a waterproofing membrane ensures efficient and continuous thermal insulation, whatever the season and the climate.

The design of the roof terrace itself makes it possible to add a wide variety of openings. The flat roof veranda then becomes an ally in the energy balance of the house. The sun rays warm the room and the solar gain can be regulated by motorised/non-motorised shutter guides, blinds, etc. The layout of the windows, particularly the tilt and turn windows, and the doors provide natural and easily adjustable ventilation.

véranda à toiture plate Installux

Light, elegant lines, great adaptability and comfort in all seasons, the Luciole® flat-roof veranda meets all your needs.