Aluminium joinery: the choice of safety above all – Installux

Like any complex system, a house is as vulnerable as its weakest element. Windows and other glazed equipment appear, at first glance, as the most sensitive elements of the whole structure. However, aluminium makes it possible to create joinery with an excellent level of security!

menuiseries en aluminium garantissant la securité

Aluminium joinery, ideal for securing a house against intrusions

Slow down and discourage

All security experts say it: burglars are most likely to get discouraged very quickly if they don’t manage to get into a house quickly. The purpose of secure windows and joinery is therefore to slow them down as much as possible to prevent burglary. Therefore, it is important to choose robust materials and structures which can house the available main anti-burglary security devices.

Integrate Anti-Burglary Systems Into Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium is perfectly suitable for this task. The aluminium windows are both thin and resistant and can be equipped with several safety devices at the same time. These include:

  • multi-point locking systems,
  • anti-jemmy devices for large glass doors,
  • various alarm systems,
  • and, of course, burglar-resistant glazing, perfectly compatible with high thermal and acoustic performance.

Without being indestructible, burglar-resistant glazing and multi-point locking slow down and discourage potential intruders.

Installux: perfectly adaptable aluminium systems

The safety equipment can be adapted to the aluminium joinery solutions offered by the aluminium profile-manufacturer Installux. This includes, amongst others:

  • the windows and doors-windows of all types, such as hinged or tilt&turn doors,
  • sliding glass windows, including pocket opening systems,
  • dormers and roof windows,
  • entrance doors, gates and wicket gates of all sizes.

un portail en aluminium vu de près

Increased security at the use

Although frightening, break-ins are rarer than domestic accidents. Thanks to their lightness, design and unparallelled integration capacity, aluminium joinery helps reduce the risk of accidents, particularly among children.

fenêtres sécurisées par des dispositifs en aluminium

Suitable equipment for optimal protection

Aluminium windows can easily be fitted with carefully designed security grilles and bars to avoid upsetting the aesthetics of the woodwork. These systems prevent accidental falls from the floors, while providing additional protection against intrusions, particularly on the ground floor.

Some hinges reduce the risks of pinching. In addition, they can be equipped with finger guards, which can also play a fire breaking role as part of the fire resistance.

For sliding windows, the rails can be integrated into the floor. The absence of roughness reduces the risk of a child tripping and also provides better accessibility for people with reduced mobility. In addition, aluminium joinery can accommodate all types of glazing, including laminated safety glass. Not only does this glass slow down break-ins, but it also limits shards and therefore the risk of injuries in the event of an accident.

Aluminium: A Lighter and Safer Material

Aluminium windows are thinner and considerably lighter than PVC or wood models. This is a more important safety feature than one might think. In the event of draughts or accidental closing, the lighter windows have a lower kinetic energy. As a result, it allows a reduction of the possible shock, and therefore reduces injuries. Moreover, the kinetic energy being lower, the movement of the window is easier to stop, even for a child.

Fires, meteorological events, shocks: the great resistance of aluminium

Aluminium, a non-deformable material

The deformations of joinery can cause cracks, weakening of the structures or joints between the masonry, the frame and the glazing. So many weak points that can be exploited for intrusion.

Aluminium is particularly resistant and practically non-deformable, even over very long periods. It is resistant to all weather conditions (rain, snow, freezes, heat waves), without weakening the structure of masonry.

Exemplary Shock Resistance

Although light and malleable, aluminium is particularly robust. The profiles developed for joinery allow this resistance to be further enhanced by their alloys and design. Not only does this make aluminium joinery highly resistant to intentional intrusion attempts, but also to accidental openings.

An Adequate Solution in the Event of a Fire

Little is known, but the majority of fire-related deaths and injuries are due to smoke, not flame. This is especially the case if a fire breaks out at night. Even if smoke detectors are now used to warn, toxic releases from a fire can cause long-term injury or illness.

Aluminium joinery offers a double protection compared to wood or PVC solutions:

  • aluminium does not burn,
  • joineries that are subjected to flames – whether from inside or outside the house – do not release toxic fumes.

des menuiseries aluminium resistant au feu

Tailor-made design: an asset for safety

Personalised joinery made by a specialist aluminium joinery manufacturer is perfectly suitable to the carpentry of the house. Not only does this provide better thermal insulation, but it also eliminates weakness points around doors and windows that burglars could exploit.

As with thermal or acoustic insulation, it is not necessary to opt for uniform protection of all joinery. It is better to strengthen as much as possible the most sensitive points, such as the back of the house, the large glass doors and the windows of the ground floor. Estimating the target protection level requires real expertise that only an aluminium joinery manufacturer can provide.