Xpérience to optimise your customer approach

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Installux, a French aluminium designer, provides pre-designed systems that enable you to manufacture the various products and solutions of the range to plan: guided manufacturing for implementation thanks to the Installux technical documentation. You turn Installux systems into solutions for your customers and support your private customers in their projects. In this way, you offer them solutions adapted to their uses while remaining within the scope of Installux’s product ranges. A depth of contents that gives you all the latitude needed to express your creativity!

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Discover the Xperience programme

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Communication and marketing solutions in line with your company’s specificities.

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Adapted tools to meet your objectives improving your company’s methods and performance.

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Means to remain competitive in terms of technological advances while defending artisans.

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Tailor-made support, which favours proximity and understanding.

Turnkey communication tools

  • Aluminium joiners facing the sector’s industrialists must control their communication and visibility as much as possible. This will enable them to showcase their know-how and the quality of a genuinely made-to-measure solution.
  • Installux offers all-in-one toolboxes which can be integrated into each manufacturer’s communication strategies.
  • Our various packages allow you to remain visible and dynamic in your target markets. You will therefore stay competitive, even against industrial groups, without devoting too many internal resources to communication.
  • Installux’s communication tools are entirely modular and adaptable to each company’s needs. More than promotional tools, Installux’s communication tools are designed to strengthen your proximity to your customers. In the long run, your customers will become your leading promoters!

For easier everyday management of the company

  • Installux’s creative solutions integrate tools to help you manage your business: management, finance, sales and marketing.
  • The management tools improve and facilitate the functioning of the company, and therefore its performance.
  • They enable aluminium joiners to focus their efforts and resources on design and manufacturing, the core of their know-how, rather than their business management.
  • So they are, above all, tools designed to enable companies to enhance their know-how and customer relations.

Skills development and monitoring of market trends

  • Installux encourages the competitiveness and dynamism of its customers and partners, helping them to anticipate developments in the aluminium carpentry sector.
  • We provide support in integrating new technologies into production processes, and also in communication and company management.
  • Alongside you, we are continually seeking to anticipate the evolution of the occupation of aluminium artisan manufacturer to respond as quickly as possible to your future requests.
  • We help you to adapt your human resources to the challenges of tomorrow, whether they are technical, administrative or regulatory.
Why should you trust us?

Installux Aluminium & Partners is the heir to Lyon’s small joinery business created at the beginning of the 20th. Since 1923, respect for artisanal values has been at the heart of our DNA.