How to consult Installux’s new products?

We update our product ranges twice a year. It is then that we publish the latest version of these documents in Installux’s Partner Space. The semi-annual product information summarises the latest novelties, developments and removal carried out in each range. In order to access the on-line Installux Partner Space’s literature, all you have to do is to create and activate your account first.

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1 ■Browse the on-line Installux product information

Do you wish for information about our latest product developments? Would you like to know more about a new tool? Would you like to know more about a new planning or regulation device?

Find all of Installux’s latest novelties on the Partner Space’s Technical Literature.

Follow the guide:

2 ■Browse the on-line Installux summary tables

Do you wish to check out the sizing and cutting of various profile references? Are you looking forward to identify the modifications and additions you’ve made? Do you lack a summary table for displaying in your workshop?

You may view and download following documents on the Partner Space. Please follow the following video tutorial in order to find your way.

To keep in mind

The access to the documentation and to the downloads is limited to Installux partners.

In order to access it, you shall first ask to create your own account by clicking here.

You may mind the latest product information and updated summary tables for your workshop in the TECHNICAL LITERATURE category on the Partner Space.