How to consult Installux’s sales literature?

We put updated sales literature at our partners’ disposal. In order to access the on-line Installux Partner Space’s literature, all you have to do is to create and activate your account first (refer to FAQ:  How to create your own Partner Space?).

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1 ■Browse the on-line Installux product sheets

Do you wish to read our brochures? Are you looking for information about pergolas, patios and gates? Would you like to gain a full view of all our vents?

You may find what you’re looking for in the sales literature of the Partner Space by following this short video tutorial.

2 ■Browse the on-line Installux rates

Do you need to consult our rates? Are you looking for information on the finishing touches?

The answer to your question lies in the Partner Space and this video tutorial will guide you in your steps.

To keep in mind

The access to the documentation and to the downloads is limited to Installux partners.

In order to access it, you shall first ask to create your own account by clicking here.

You shall find in the SALES LITERATURE category of the Partner Space all our rates, along with our sales literature and finishing touches books.