How to consult Installux’s technical literature?

The Partner Space allows you to consult and download the technical literature on all the Installux products. In order to access them, you first need to create and activate your account.

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1 ■Browse the on-line Installux technical literature

Do you need to consult a system’s technical description, its AEV test report (Air-Water-Wind) or its thermal study report? Are you looking for the summary table of a particular system’s profiles? Are you looking for information about a punching tool?

All these informations are available on the Partner Space and the following video tutorial will guide you in your steps to find what you’re seeking.

2 ■Browse the on-line Installux blueprints

Do you need the blueprint of a sliding gate, a window or a pergola? Are you looking for the assembly plan of a specific vent’s lock? Are you looking for information on the implementation of a system in accordance with the French DTU standard?

Follow this video tutorial in order to find relevant information on Installux’s Partner Spacer.

To keep in mind

The access to the on-line technical literature and blueprints is limited to Installux partners.

In order to access it, you shall first ask to create your own account by clicking here.