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Vacuum under the handrail

Full height glazed



  • All accessories are lacquered
  • Finishing accessories: guide shoe covers, clamp covers, corner fittings….
  • No need for specific punching tool
  • Simplified cuts through the use of connecting parts
  • Fastening of stiffeners by guide shoes with adjustment screws
  • Fasteners for installation between panels
  • Bidirectional adjustment of fillings is made easier by adjustable clamp bracket…

Focus solutions

Integration and customisation

The Satellite® range offers a complete set of solutions to solve all installation constraints:

  • slab mounting
  • in slab nosing
  • remote on slab or between two walls (spandrel or balcony).

The different models of handrail, rails, stiffeners, guide shoe, bars or fillings allow a number of important combinations for perfect customisation.


  • 6 types of handrails
  • 2 rails (round or square)
  • 5 designs of bars
  • Filling with solid or perforated sheet metal and glazing.
  • 3 types of guide shoes to meet different implementation cases
  • Fasteners for installation between panels
  • Identical aesthetics between guide shoes for laying in slab nosing or on slab

Market focus


Variable-angle ball joint to meet the standards for public places.

The Satellite® guardrail meets the requirements of the standards for all types of use in public or private places:

Housing, residential, offices, meeting places or shops.

Numerous models have been certified by CEBTP tests.

All our tests are available on your Partner area.