Aluminium: dare to go big and commit to excellence

Bay windows enhance the comfort of life, create aesthetic pleasure and open up to the outside world. Extremely large bay windows form an integral part of the architectural style of a house and the interplay of the interior and exterior spaces. Aluminium is the ideal material for the design and manufacture of such windows.

maison avec de grandes baies vitrées en aluminium

The sleek and bright aluminium sliding windows

Thanks to its unique physical properties, aluminium is perfectly appropriate for the fabrication of large window openings. Whichever project you may have, aluminium is the perfect choice when it comes to particularly bright technical designs.

Aluminium: a unique material

The unique feature of aluminium is that it is both light and extremely resilient. It doesn’t get distorted under any environmental conditions. It can also withstand a lot of physical pressure, especially in terms of supported weight.

Thanks to these unique properties, it is possible to design very thin aluminium casement doors and windows even for very large-scale structures. This creates products that are aesthetically thin and lightweight but nevertheless capable of supporting heavy and complex glazing, especially large double and triple glazing.

An ideal choice for bay windows

All these properties make aluminium the preferred material for constructing extra-large glazed openings:

  • It is possible to integrate large panels.
  • The sliders are positioned on one or more rails which take up very little space.
  • The systems can be fully integrated into the floor and the ceiling while the sliding panels can be moved into walls for maximum opening.
  • It is possible to produce very thin profiles using aluminium. These profiles are designed to increase the proportion of glazing and thus enhance the glass surface and the amount of light.

As a result, aluminium bay windows, whether sliding, folding or fitted with patio doors, can be extended into large spaces with an incredible sense of translucency.

Baies vitrées grand format

Optimizing the insulation of bay windows

Insulation on any modern windows or casement doors and windows is a matter of finding the right match between the structure and the glazing. In general, modern glazing has less heat loss than frames, regardless of the materials from which they are made. As a result, a fine structure such as that made from aluminium maximizes the glazing surface and consequently the insulation efficiency gained from complex glazing.

Notwithstanding this, the interaction between the glazing and the frames as well as between the frames and the casement doors and windows   has a huge influence on the heat quality of a window or a large glazed opening. This is where the strength of Installux’s technical expertise lies. We offer a range of products that integrate the glazing into the aluminium structures, which in turn are tailor-made and designed to fit perfectly with the rest of the house.

Find out more about Installux aluminium systems

Therefore, in order to optimize the insulation of a bay window, choosing the right aluminium casement door and window is essential but not enough. Factors such as the quality of the product, its design, custom-made fabrication and installation are equally important. In this way, a custom-made aluminium sliding window will be more efficient in terms of thermal-break technology and better tightness. Moreover, the window will be fully compatible with the constraints of its environment, which can change depending on the position of the house, the nature of the building site (new construction or renovation) and many other parameters.

grande baie vitrée sur mesure

Light, heat and bioclimatic house

A more transparent surface also allows more light, and therefore more warmth to enter the house. A perfect solution for natural heating in winter. By contrast, in the summer, large sliding panels make it easier to create draughts which make the house cooler.

Nevertheless, it is important to design the bay window carefully to ensure optimum use of these natural conditions. Bay windows are at the heart of bioclimatic approaches, where they can be combined with verandas and pergolas to create a holistic system that can reduce the energy consumption in the home.

Innovative designs to maximise openings

There are many different designs to choose from for aluminium bay windows. Some of the designs reinforce the impression of space and openness to the outside:

  • Sliding bay windows can be used to remove the sashes from the inside of the wall in order to open completely and transparently.
  • Angled sliders give more volume to the bay window by opening it on more than one façade. Using this design makes it possible to create a unique architectural style built on the basis of brightness.
  • Monorail sliders are used to create simple openings in particularly wide and transparent windows.
  • Lift and Slide systems can be used to offer large size sliding systems in a very light way when handling them. This always guarantees their technical performance in terms of acoustic, heat and tightness.

This makes aluminium ideal for the design of very wide sliding systems. This is thanks to the inherent lightness of this material as well as its fineness, strength and unique physical properties.