Creation of a veranda in Maisons-Alfort by Chevalier

Installation d'une véranda Installux à Maisons-Alfort (94)

The veranda project: creating an “inside-outside” place sheltered from the weather

A few kilometres from Paris, the old buildings of Maisons-Alfort bear witness to a rich past, marked by the different eras that have followed. There are, in particular, stone houses with authentic charm, such as this residence that has been renovated over time.

In the vicinity of Maisons-Alfort, there are many villages with a similar character. In one of them, a house stands proudly. And it can, because the sandy colour of its stones and the surrounding greenery make it sunny!

A pure call to calm and well-being. For its owners, a couple with children, leisure activities are important moments, to be lived alone or with others. Passionate about baking, the owner started several years ago to transform the old barn next to the house into a real place of leisure. How did he do it? By installing his gourmet laboratory. Over the years, the desire to use all the space still available in this barn for fun, enjoyment and hospitality has brought the whole family together.

To do this, they called on the company Chevalier, an Installux Partner manufacturer located in the Auxerrois region, which has a perfect command of this type of environment

Challenge: Make the most of the veranda in all seasons

and enjoy the light…

Véranda à Maisons-Alfort

The family had converted a small space on the first floor into a cocooning area for resting, reading and chatting. Their idea was to extend it by encroaching on the adjoining terrace. About twenty square metres that were not intended to be used all year round.

The owners wanted to make the most of it, but without having to heat it. The tubular Luciole® extension from Installux was perfectly suited to this.

Its Espace® 50TH windows and patio doors with thermal breaks provide comfort and security. A true windbreak that nevertheless allows the sun to heat the space naturally.

During the day, the room is illuminated by daylight. At nightfall, the lighting integrated directly into the roof takes over.

The customers were immediately impressed by the shape of the veranda.

A touch of modernity that gives this stone house its own style.

The professional’s analysis
Rénovation à Maisons-Alfort

“The clients wanted to enjoy an interior living space that was open to the outside. A project which, in this type of old building, requires some thought. Because in this region there is no room for improvisation, everything is regulated and protected. We therefore contacted the Direction Départementale des Territoires (DDT) to find out exactly what possibilities were open to us.

The terrace on the upper part of the barn could, as the owners had imagined, be covered, but under certain architectural conditions. The Installux veranda with tubular roof was the perfect solution. The challenge was to integrate the aluminium in a “natural” way. The veranda should become a new living space that is as pleasant to use as it is to look at. In no way should it detract from the original aesthetics of the building.”

Marie-Charlotte Chevalier
Installux partner manufacturer

Veranda in Maisons-Alfort

New dimension

Today, this new space offers a 360° view of the property and its surroundings, thanks to its high position and the choice of fully glazed vertical walls. The veranda incorporates a set of custom-made fixed and sliding frames, and is installed according to the rules of the trade, integrating into the existing structure to the last centimetre.

Highly precise work for a perfectly insulated renovation. This new living space is totally independent but plays an active part in the architecture of the property.

Finally, to ensure the aesthetic homogeneity of the place, the colour of the veranda was also the subject of very special attention. A light grey was chosen to be in total harmony with the doors and shutters of the house.

What a great way to give this beautiful house a new look!


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Véranda à Maisons-Alfort