Veranda in Brittany by Lorient Miroiterie

Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (59)

Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (56)

A modern sunroom

Lorient, a port city in the heart of Brittany, has been recognized as a town of art and history. Rebuilt after the ware, she became over time a city of architects. Made of a variety of urban landscapes, it has quickly earned the status of atypical town!

An architecture often particular, but assumed, just like this house and its beautiful sunroom. Historically, it was not one house, but two! This incredible glass roof, a feast for the eyes, has joined them. It bridges the gap between the two houses, but above all, it brings light to the multiple interior rooms overlooking both a 900m2 garden and a busy north-facing street.

Built with wood, this authentic glass roof unfortunately did not resist to the Breton wind and rain. Damaged and increasingly uncomfortable, the owners ended up having to replace it… well almost. Strictly attached to its aesthetic, they contacted Lorient Miroiterie, artisan manufacturer Partner Installux, for a tailor-made replacement, but above all identical!




An authentic charm and an optimal comfort

Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (56)

“To keep the original aesthetic of the veranda while adding thermal and solar upgrades, I chose the Luciole® tubular veranda from Installux. A complete and tailor-made solution for every possible shape! With the aluminum’s flexibility, I achieved to recreate identically the sunroom that the owners enjoyed for many years. A precise work that continues to mislead even the people that knew the former veranda. The interior comfort speaks for itself and proves that today it is perfectly possible to realize identically a renovation project using a different material: more thermal, stronger, more sustainable, and easier to maintain. To refine the resemblance with the woods and live up to this realization, we had to make an important beforehand work on the right installation of profiles, the right sections… We also made sure that the choices we made were perfectly in line with the regulations, and that the whole project was of the highest technical quality. A guarantee of a structure that lasts over time and is a pleasure to live with!”

Yves Tanter
Lorient Miroiterie (59)



Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (56)

A new-generation luminous space

For this renovation, the artisan recommended high-performance “new-generations” glazing. They ensure an optimal thermal comfort in winter while offering a solar control in summer. A must for this veranda as sun-exposed. Thanks to them, the interior temperature of the veranda is agreeable even in the middle of summer. In addition, the bonus for the customers is that all the glazing is self-cleaning! Three roof windows were also installed. Another significant asset: they are motorized and remotely controllable. This way, thanks to captors, they automatically shut down when it starts to rain.




Renovating your veranda

When we speak about energy retrofit, we usually think about windows. On the other hand, renovating your veranda is a rarer thought. It often comes from the fear of losing its cachet. However, the aluminum’s qualities prove the contrary. Your artisan is able to recreate identically a veranda while adding the key of modern comfort. Likewise, it is now possible to improve the thermal performance of a building built a long time ago, while evolving its architectural style with contemporary touches.


Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (59)

Made-to-measure right down to the finishing touches

To keep a harmonious aesthetic with your house, you have an infinite choice of finishing touches. They can be authentic or modern according to the style you are looking for. Like, for example here, the addition of hoops on windows. When it comes to accessories, the artisan can offer you several options: either the same color as your woodwork, or the more original raw material. Also, to get even closer to the charm of the old, he can install brass handles, locks and cremone bolts to enhance the cachet of your veranda. They will contrast with the white and enhance it. The perfect way to create a true-to-life aesthetic of yesteryear!




Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (59)

The professional’s testimony

“On the actual veranda’s location was the identical one. To the slight difference that it was made of wood. A really damaged wood! This is the reason with the customers wished to renovate it. The switch to aluminum was interesting because it could give us a more durable structure over time. Nevertheless, the material was not that important for the customers, what they really wished was to reproduce identically their sunroom (same shape, same visual, same signature as wood, same profile’s thickness). A true challenge, since it had to conform to an existing design, but also to today’s regulatory obligations.

Now that the identical change is habitable, they are proclaiming the undeniable advantages of aluminum, and of having the work done by an artisan manufacturer.”

Yves Tantier
Lorient Miroiterie
Artisan manufacturer Partner Installux

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Fabrication d'une véranda par Lorient Miroiterie à Lorient (56)