Renovation of aluminum joinery in Brittany by ML Solutions

Menuiseries aluminium par ML Solutions en Bretagne

An exceptional renovation

An architect-designed granite house with a slate roof that had been lying dormant for years met its new owners during COVID. A time where everything had to be reinvented, and this realization is no exception. The owners called on an interior designer and Installux partner ML Solutions to create their dream house. The manufacturer accompanied its clients throughout the transformation of this unique sea-view property, in the heart of Finistère, Brittany. A renovation project where the key word was light.

Menuiseries aluminium par ML Solutions en Bretagne

A 100% joinery project

This renovation involved the installation of 38 aluminum frames combining sliding bays, patio doors, windows and a breathtaking glass façade. The craftsman combined high-performance Installux joinery with solar-control glazing. In the kitchen, the aluminum manufacturer designed a series of sashes and fixed frames to brighten the room and give it a glassed-in feel. He chose Espace® 70TH windows in both traditional sash and fixed frame versions. The objective of the latter was to create a single opening on the main façade of the house to bring even more light into the interior and an additional view of the sea.

To design the opening in the main living areas, the craftsman installed Galaxie® 32TH sliding bays. These include a 2-track, 2-panel sliding system and a 3-track, 3-panel sliding system. Furthermore, upstairs, each bedroom is equipped with a slider to access a balcony and a small individual terrace. There are at least 6 niches installed in the house, distributed over the various roof façades.

Light is accentuated right to the doors. The craftsman chose Comète® 70TH glass doors to optimize the luminosity of each opening. In addition, all joinery is fitted with traditional roller shutters.


The glass roof at the heart of renovation Menuiseries aluminium par ML Solutions en Bretagne

The living room’s monumental glass façade is one of the highlights of the renovation. The fixed transom, equipped with a brise soleil, had to be perfectly integrated into the house and respect the dimensions of the old curtain wall. Installation on the stone wall demanded great technical precision to ensure a perfect seal. To avoid the risk of thermal bridges, the craftsman completely removed the glass roof without using a concrete straightening strip on the stone wall.

It was also necessary to play with heights. The glass roof falls flush with the parquet on the inside, but rises higher on the outside. This source of light accentuates the ceiling height. To enhance the space, the craftsman also designed the platform for the staircase.

Light and bay: a morale booster

Thanks to the slimness of Installux aluminum profiles, you can be sure of optimizing the clear opening and letting the maximum amount of light into your home. Choose the most appropriate exposure for your windows according to the climate in your region. If you live in a cooler region, choose a southern exposure. On the other hand, if you are in a warm, sunny region, opt of a northern or eastern exposure.



Menuiseries aluminium par ML Solutions en Bretagne

The manufacturer’s advice

“It’s essential to choose the right glazing according to the orientation of the house and openings. The house’s glass façade due south. So, we needed a high-performance glazing that would withstand both sun and moonlight. We opted for Cool light SKN 165 B glazing, with a 6mm spacer and burglar-proof laminate. High performance glazing ensures good thermal insulation.

The customer wanted window doors with external handles, which would require lot of keys. There was also the risk of leaving a door open. So, we recommended a knob to replace the keys. This way, they can access the house from the terrace without worry. And it’s easier to lock up with the knobs.

We ask our customers a lot of questions upstream of the project to understand why they want to change their joinery. We ask them if they want to change everything or get the same result but better. We need to take the time to understand the customer’s psychology, because there are a lot of emotional factors involved. And affect very often takes precedence over total change. It’s all about getting to know the customer, so as to offer the right product. With us, all quotations are made in the showroom, so that we can show customers our joinery models.”

Florence Tual

ML Solutions





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Menuiseries aluminium par ML Solutions en Bretagne