Renovation of a building into a restaurant in Lozère by Lhermet Menuiserie

Transformation d'un bâtiment en restaurant en Lozère par Lhermet Menuiserie

Sunshine on the menuTransformation d'un bâtiment en restaurant en Lozère par Lhermet Menuiserie

Renovating a building can be complicated… Transforming a building to welcome the public every day and offer the best experience possible, it’s a real challenge! Here, everything is done so that restaurant clients can enjoy the view of the lake bellow. Also to ensure a fluid circulation between the different spaces.

At the heart of the project: the creation of a gigantic glass façade of 18 meters long and 2.5 meters high. After consultation with the clients and the architect, Lhermet Menuiserie, manufacturer Installux partner, brought his technical expertise and his greater knowledge of the products to be used. Finally, the set comprises two entrance doors and eight casements: two are fix, and three sliding. Whose double leaf retracts behind the fixed transom to save space. It permitted to create, made-to-measure and from Galaxie® 45TH slider, an opening of 11m without poles for a total weight of 600kg that can be manipulated with a simple hand movement!



Transformation d'un bâtiment en restaurant en Lozère par Lhermet Menuiserie

High performances, absolute comfort

How sweet it is to dine overlooking the lake and enjoy the last rays of sunshine… To get there, the manufacturer knew how to create performant-sliding bays that are as technically advanced as they are aesthetically pleasing.

If the location is exceptional, nevertheless it presents constraints. The building faces due north, which could have posed thermal and insulation problems. He also beneficiates from the setting sun, whose low-angled rays might have annoyed customers. This is not the case.

After meticulous concerted work with the masonry teams, to ensure the best possible integration with the existing structure, Lhermet Menuiserie produced sturdy aluminum profiles that were extremely slim, so as not to obstruct the view. Careful calculation and installation avoided the risk of thermal breakage and water lightness that are common with large glazed surfaces. To play with the sun’s rays, the frames were fitted with 45mm-thick laminated glass with high solar protection, as well as a set of motorized blinds whose wiring and motor were modified to be concealed in the profiles.

“What can we say, except that we’re delighted with the quality of the finished product! The joinery was a crucial point in the design of the project, as it’s the real showcase for our restaurant. We’d chosen the site for its view of the lake, and the renovation project had to do it justice. And it has! You can move seamlessly from the dining room to the terrace, without anything interfering with service. And our customers are delighted!”

Noémie et Thibault
The owners




Large-scale projects have a major allyTransformation d'un bâtiment en restaurant en Lozère par Lhermet Menuiserie

The Galaxie® 45TH sliding window has been specially designed for large-scale projects and demanding aesthetics. Its tapered profiles offer a very wide daylight and a robust structure that can accommodate glazing up to 45mm thick. Thermal and acoustic performances are guaranteed! Reduced thresholds ensure seamless integration and reduced contact with the interior. The result is a high level of user and traffic comfort. Finally yet importantly, the minimalist square design is a guarantee of elegance and provides the clearest possible view.

Enjoy the light with an optimal solar control

Designed with a reduced threshold, this large sliding window nonetheless boasts exceptional insulation qualities. The combination of thermal break frames and high-performance 45mm-thick glazing provides insulation from the sun’s rays. High-performance motorized blinds, integrated into the glazing, modulate sunlight to offer comfort all year round, at any time of the day. Glazing also plays a vital role: solar control, laminated glass and other technical solutions filter out most UV rays.

The professional’s testimony

“In every aspects, this transformation project proved to be a real challenge! We had to consider the whole transformation of a building whose function was very different from that of a restaurant. Then, we had to work to very tight deadlines, both in relation to other trades. Finally, we had to find unprecedented solutions to give this place a huge opening on the façade. But that’s what makes this job so interesting”

Nicolas Négron
Lhermet Menuiserie
Manufacturer Installux partner

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Transformation d'un bâtiment en restaurant en Lozère par Lhermet Menuiserie