Bright porch: the ideal solution to bring light into a house

The modern porch doesn’t have anything much in common with historical solutions, which were closer to the winter garden than to the living room. Nowadays, porches have become true house expansions, designed for a sustainable use, in any season. But the difference between the porch and the other rooms in the house, or ancient carpentry expansions, is its capacity to bring natural light to the core of the house.

The core issue of bringing light into a house

The question of natural light has once again become a central part of modern buildings, as well as renovation sites. The regular sunlight intake plays a considerable part in the improvement of the living conditions. This will make the porch an even more essential core part of the house.

Comfort and Wellness

The natural light intake is particularly important for everyone’s comfort and wellness. It is indeed acknowledged that a regular sunshine exposure contributes to lowering the risks of winter depression. It helps fighting against vitamin D deficiencies, while allowing the regulation of sleep cycles, including for children.

The fact of enjoying regular access to a natural light source, throughout the day and even the year, therefore enhances your everyday comfort.

The house according to the seasons

Beyond health and wellness issues, an important natural light intake helps better connecting oneself to the season cycle, while enjoying the house’s comfort. This notion, though less tangible, is particularly important for children’s awakening. The visual link with the environment plays a crucial part in the quest for inspiration moments of relaxation.

In any season, large visual openings facing the garden allows you to enjoy the ever-changing sight of nature, be it the hues of autumn, the blooming gardens of spring or the snowy landscapes of winter.

intérieur d'une véranda lumineuse

Why choose the porch?

Technically, the porch isn’t the only possible house expansion option. However, it nevertheless includes clear benefits in every area: practical, aesthetic, functional. However, in any case, the porch remains by definition the brightest house expansion option there is!

Access to aluminium porch systems designed by Installux

An economical and ecological solution

As a glazed extension of the house, including wide outward openings, the porch allows to optimise the air and light flow. Therefore, the house’s environment will be balanced by a play on the sun’s heat and the coolness of air flows. Even without being specially designed for a bioclimatic use, the porch may thus take part in cutting back the lighting, heating, or air-conditioning needs, and therefore the overall energy consumption and costs.

More than classic expansions, bioclimatic porches are models especially designed with respect for these issues. Perfectly integrated at the core of the house, bioclimatic porches take part in the thermal regulation of the whole house, while providing the same natural light intake than a more mainstream modern porch.

The porch: the best solution for maximum brightness

Several technical solutions exist for increasing the natural brightness of a house: wider windows, rooftop openings, light shaft, bay windows, etc.

The great asset of modern porches with flat rooftops lies in their capacity to combine each one of these solutions into a unique product, perfectly optimised for the penetration of natural light.

Specifically designed as a house expansion, the porch provides openings on a maximum number of sides: rooftop, front and side facades. It becomes the brightest room in the house by definition. Modern porches are custom made and can therefore, upon request, bring in natural light from several facades, expand on all the levels of the house, or even let light penetrate from glazed openings in the floorings, by open staircases, etc.

véranda au soleil

The bright porch, a flagship solution

The possession of an open and bright house is both a gain of comfort and a wellness and health issue for the whole family.

Of all the available technical solutions regarding houses in building or in renovation, the porch is the one which maximises best this sunlight intake. Broadly, the porch offers the possibility to live a different relation with the house, garden, seasons and environment.