The most beautiful verandas in photos

For a long time, the verandas were mainly a winter gardens without any particular layout or personality. The new house extensions are real living rooms. Used throughout the year, they are designed to remain comfortable, welcoming and pleasant. They should be an extension of the house. They are not just buildings, but the aesthetics and lifestyle associated with them.
In this article, you find a selection of the most beautiful verandas, made by the partner manufacturers of Installux. We will see that the design of a successful veranda is inseparable from its integration into the home; particular care should be taken during the interior decoration.

vérandas en photo

The cosy and comfortable veranda in any season

Attached to a renovated stone building, this all-glass veranda with a fine aluminium structure offers a quiet and very bright relaxation area.

We particularly appreciate:

  • The great clarity of this room, which perfectly controls its supply of natural light. The integrated awnings allow light and warmth to be modulated according to the season.
  • The perfect integration to the house. The anodised dyed aluminium structure is both elegant and delicate. Combined with the bare stones of the house, this veranda reminds one of the solariums of the Victorian era, in a resolutely modern line.
  • The cocooning decoration is offered in a very contemporary Nordic style, simple, pure and timeless. The Scandinavian style, now easily accessible, is ideal for house extensions used throughout the year. The soft and harmonious pastel colours are perfect for summer tanning sessions as well as for contemplating the snow in the warmth under the glass roof.

Véranda cocooning scandinave

Véranda cuisine en aluminium

The veranda in the kitchen side

As living rooms, aluminium verandas can be equipped in many different ways. More and more often, house extensions are equipped with functional rooms and not just relaxation spaces. Coupled with a living room function, the kitchen is an excellent living space which takes full advantage of a fully glazed design.

In this example, we adore:

  • The very graphic design of the veranda, especially with its roof canopy. The glazed surfaces are large, perfectly designed, and literally overhang the work surfaces.
  • This extension can be used as a polyvalent real room for family life. Thanks to an integrated and intelligent design, it is both a kitchen and a dining room. It also plays an essential role as a direct interface with the garden. This makes it possible to cook and eat outdoors in summer and winter.
  • The choice of lacquered furniture, with bright colours. Very modern: this design is perfectly suited to the structure and the marked shapes of the installation.

Bathroom With a View

Much more than just practical rooms, bathrooms are increasingly becoming spaces dedicated to relaxation and well-being. They are therefore very suitable for a veranda-type arrangement. Because of the need for privacy, precautions must be taken, and we find glazed bathrooms mainly on the garden side, or in country houses, without opposite. But some solutions are even more innovative.

Here, we especially notice:

  • The originality of this veranda which is installed on the first floor of the house. Thus, the residents have a private space, but also a view overhanging the surrounding nature. The reuse of the existing roof structure adds a lot of character to the installation.
  • The extensive layout of a very cosy and spacious bathroom. The volume is not lacking, so we seek to make the best use! The airy design and natural building materials of the bathroom integrate the bathroom even more with the large surrounding spaces.
  • The installation of a private terrace in the extension of the veranda. This little extra allows you to enjoy the large openings, even on a terrace located upstairs.

véranda salle de bain

véranda en aluminium avec texture bois

Faux-wood effect truer than life

We can never say it enough times: aluminium makes it possible to create every imaginable veranda. It is therefore ideal for integration into a wooden house, respecting the style, without the hassle of maintenance.

In this model, we like:

  • The use of a very realistic wood texture. This combines the charm of the wood aspect with the aluminium performance. All in a durable, maintenance-free solution.
  • The choice is to install the veranda above the swimming pool. This makes it possible to enjoy the stay in the veranda in any season, in any weather.
  • The perfect alliance of the country-style veranda and the existing house. The wood-effect aluminium blends in perfectly with the classic woodwork of the house.

Traditional and high performance veranda

Installux aluminium solutions make it possible to create magnificent traditional verandas without compromising on performance and robustness.

This veranda is distinguished mainly by:

  • Its traditional look and meticulous details, reminiscent of British models of the late 19th century.
  • The very discreet integration of aluminium into a high-performance structure. This ensures thermal comfort all year round.
  • The circular shape of the veranda, and the panoramic view it offers on nature environment. A simply ideal working environment!

véranda style 19ème siècle

Aluminium veranda: the ideal solution to give a new dimension to the home

These examples show all the possibilities offered by aluminium verandas. They are real extensions of the house and are increasingly becoming as an integral part. Thanks to the high performance of Installux’s aluminium systems, it is feasible to build a living a perfectly personalised room, comfortable all year round.

Thanks to its malleability, the aluminium possibilities are virtually infinite. It can be used to create a modern or classic glazed structures, with a wide choice of textures and colours.