Pergola with adjustable louvers: performance and durability 

A comfort and design object, the pergola with adjustable louvers are increasingly finding a place of choice in the design of houses of all sizes, both in new buildings or during renovations. This very modern equipment distinguishes strongly from the first pergolas. The latter were historically fixed structures, but very light, with no movable elements. Their wooden structure, possibly adorned with vegetation, provided freshness and shade during the hottest hours of the summer. Today, aluminium pergolas are both more durable, easier to maintain, and perfectly integrated into the home, both in practical and aesthetic terms. Better still, they have a much wider range of performance with their role of climate regulation extending over a longer time span than their wooden ancestors, while providing new features.
The aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers is the ultimate in outdoor equipment for the home.

pergola à lames ouvertes

A modern and efficient pergola

The aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers is, first of all, a modern equipment, both in its aesthetic style and in its functionality.

All the advantages of an aluminium pergola

The pergola with adjustable louvers is generally made entirely of aluminium, both for its structure and for the mobile louvers that form its roof. Aluminium is very malleable and offers many advantages.

Robust and practically non-deformable, it makes it possible to create large structures with very few support posts. Despite the sometimes impressive dimensions, aluminium pergolas stand the test of time without requiring complex maintenance. The aluminium strength also offers excellent safety of use.

Thin and light, it is an ideal material for integrating louvers opening mechanisms and other electrical or mechanical systems into support structures that look aerial. The aluminium malleability allows pergola designers to offer every imaginable aesthetic effect. Aluminium can be coloured, textured, cut and assembled in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Enough to allow for perfectly controlled customisation.

Zoom on the pergola aluminium designed by Installux

The best performance, throughout the year

The adjustable louvers of the aluminium pergola offer excellent performance in too many cases more than a traditional fixed wooden pergola.

Indeed, the adjustable louvers allow to modulate the shade, but also, for example the natural air circulation to ventilate the terrace. By modifying the opening of the louvers, it is possible to enjoy the shade in summer without cutting off the light during the less luminous seasons.

In addition, in the closed position, the louvers protect – in the broadest sense of the term – against strong rains and bad weather.

An ideal bioclimatic solution

The control over the elements offered by the adjustable louvers makes it also known as a bioclimatic pergola. Opting for a pergola with adjustable louvers is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption and at the same time to reduce the environmental impact of the building.

lames orientables d'une pergola

A pergola is useful both outside and inside the house

The control of brightness and ventilation is essential to enjoy the garden or terrace without fear of summer insolation. The mobility of the adjustable louvers of the pergola offers an optimal level of comfort, even in direct midday sun.

But when the pergola is leaning against the house, the opening of its louvers also makes it possible to regulate the sun exposure of the related facade. In summer, the closed louvers reduce the light penetration through the large sliding glass doors, and thus the reducing the greenhouse effect in the habitat. In winter, on the contrary, maximum opening allows the house to be heated naturally.

To better regulate the natural light and temperature of living rooms, the bioclimatic pergola must be used in conjunction with large glass openings, including sliding windows.

The bioclimatic house: an economic and ecological challenge

A pergola with adjustable louvers, coupled with a large sliding glass doors for example, is a simple way to provide a bioclimatic solution to a house, even when the house was not originally designed for this. But it is possible to go further within the bioclimatic approach, by combining the pergola with a bioclimatic veranda, for example, or with a natural air circulation system in the house, with suitable windows, etc.

Even when used on its own, the bioclimatic pergola can reduce the use of air conditioning in the summer, as well as heating and lighting in the winter.

The pergola with adjustable louvers: a modular offer

The pergola with adjustable louvers is a flexible solution that must be customised to suit each project, based on dedicated aluminium systems, offered in particular by Installux.

The choice of positioning shall not to be neglected

The modularity of the pergola is expressed above all in its capacity to adapt to all terrains, to all buildings, and therefore to all requirements, even the most exotic.

The pergola being a fixed equipment, it is advisable to choose its location with care. Fortunately, all options are open! Of course, the pergola can be placed against a facade of the house. It can also be established in the extension of a flat-roof veranda, for example. But it can also be decoupled from the main buildings. It is then found in a courtyard, independent and away from buildings.

The pergola can therefore be used to provide shade for large sliding glass doors, a terrace, a corner of the garden, an outdoor swimming pool or a bocce ball court.

pergola à lames orientables au-dessus d'une terrasse

Select the ancillary equipment carefully for ultimate customisation

Once the location and size of the pergola is defined, it is still necessary to consider the last small details. The bioclimatic pergola is equipped with a motorisation system to control the orientation of its louvers. The integration of ancillary equipment is therefore very easy, and the pergola can thus integrate LEDs for night use, or side blinds, for optimal protection against the wind, the sun or any physical obstacle.

In Conclusion

The pergola with adjustable louvers is above all a high-performance and modern bioclimatic solution. Its aluminium louvers offer excellent protection against the sun, heat, or temporary bad weather. But the pergola is also an aesthetic object, whose perfect integration into existing buildings helps to enhance the classic charm or modern lines of the villa. Finally, thanks to its modular design, the pergola can be adapted to a wide range of uses.