Manufacture and installation of joinery in Pas-de-Calais by Ecostyle Fermeture

Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Ecostyle Fermetures dans le Pas-de-Calais

A house with character in Hauts-de-France

The owners of this new house in the Pas-de-Calais region of France wanted a home with an original style that was also energy-efficient. For their joinery, they chose Ecostyle Fermeture, an Installux partner. It was an obvious choice for them, since they had already worked together on a number of renovation projects. The project was carried out in two phases: first, the aluminum joinery, with no fewer than 14 openings. Two years later, they installed a gate and a wicket door. The owners are already planning a third phase of work, with a bioclimatic pergola or veranda.

Thermal insulation at the heart of the project

The building was designed with thermal management in mind. The air gap between the concrete construction and the brick facing avoids thermal bridges. For their part, the openings had to meet this objective. To achieve this, the craftsman chose Installux high-performance aluminum joinery. The Espace® 70TH concealed sash window was chosen for all the house’s joinery for its slimness, better light transmission and thermal qualities. Upstairs, the windows are French-opening and tilt-and-turn. In the kitchen, a Galaxie® 32TH sliding bay window creates a totally open space overlooking the terrace. For even greater insulation, these windows have been fitted with double glazing and warm-edge seals to prevent thermal bridges.


Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Ecostyle Fermetures dans le Pas-de-Calais

Unique, original window openings

For all the windows, the architect had designed small woods to give a classic effect to the windows, in perfect harmony with the red stone cladding typical of the region. The craftsman who manufactured the windows recreated these decorative woods from aluminum profiles. The brilliant white of the joinery contrasts with the stone facade, bringing light to the room. The choice of front door was also a decisive factor in this project. The owners wanted a truly unique and original style. The aluminum joiner suggested the Comète® 70TH door with decorative glazing. The glazing pattern will later be used on the gate. The decorative glass panel is thicker, to ensure burglar-proof protection. The contour of the door is matte anthracite gray.

The gate and wicket door are based on the Satellite® concept. For unparalleled uniformity, they echo the design of the door. The same anthracite gray as the door is accompanied by oak-toned slats for authenticity and modernity. The “sun” motif of the decorative glazing has also been reproduced on the laser-cut gate and wicket door.


Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Ecostyle Fermetures dans le Pas-de-Calais

The craftsman’s advice

“It’s essential to take the time and invest the personal effort to advise your customers properly. By listening to your customers, you can identify and work essentially on their comfort zones. This step can help you choose the right sash when the room is linked to a terrace. We also need to look at the configuration of the house and terrace. For example, by embedding the frame in the ground, or by choosing a single-leaf sash, the window can be opened to the outside. To help customers make up their minds, we accompany them to other customers’ homes to see their creations and get inspired.”

Freddy Lemaire

Ecostyle Fermeture

Installux Partner Craftsman



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Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Ecostyle Fermetures dans le Pas-de-Calais