Manufacture and installation of joineries in a villa by LHERMET MENUISERIE

Fabrication et pose de menuiserie aluminium pour une villa par LHERMET MENUISERIE

A cocoon lulled by nature

Villefort, little town located in Lozère is like no other! A wise mix of antiquity and nature. A breath of fresh air in an authentic landscape; an historic pavement that testifies of a medieval past both glorious and tumultuous. Coulissant réalisé par L'Hermet Menuiserie vu de l'intérieur

It’s in this exceptional environment that a craftsman-mason couple has wished to build its new home. Conscious of the exceptional environment that surrounds them, the clients chose a habitat as comfortable, elegant and efficient. In fact, it’s a jewel combining the nature and the strength of a woof bone with the modernity of a flat roof, contemporary touch by excellence.  A living place opened in the green paradise thanks to many windows.

The choice of an artisan directly came out on top. In fact, for the joineries, they needed an expert in aluminum to develop the project. Above all, this challenge illustrates the meeting of two artisans in love of their professions, passionate by the beautiful buildings.


A project between two exigent artisans

Réalisation et pose de coulissants par L'Hermet Menuiserie



“Among artisans, we understand each-other very quickly. The owner is used to rock and old buildings. His goal was to offer to his future home the grandeur and the quality of the artisanal savoir-faire. In this sense, it was completely natural to choose an aluminum joinery for this quest of quality and durability, because more matter equals more resistance.

This project could only be tailored-made. For example, we have realized many aluminums folding to adjust the joineries that participate in this home’s cachet. This is all the interest of using the service of a manufacturer and artisan, and the client knew it.”

Nicolas Négron



Coulissant réalisé par L'Hermet Menuiserie vu de l'extérieur

Efficient and tailored-made joineries

Thanks to its numerous thermal bridge break windows Espace® 70TH, the house enjoys a maximum light. The apertures are composed of fixed assemblies and invisible hinged oscillating windows. This way, the mechanical opening is completely integrated and disappears when the window is closed. Why for? Besides the clean aesthetic, this choice is gage of an excellent isolation. Furthermore, to assure the security of the house, roller shutters has been installed, in the same color as the joineries to maintain the architectural homogeneity.



The professional’s testimony

Fabrication et pose de menuiserie dans une villa en Lozere par L'Hermet Menuiserie “This project is the meeting between different professions (mason, wood carpenter, aluminum carpenter) that joined their savoir-faire to create a warm and thermally efficient house. The client, mason himself, wanted matter as qualitative and beautiful as the nature surrounding. His architectural choices were, by the way, as grandiose as the view from the house: big flat roof with wood bone, and wood intern and extern carpentry. As an aluminum carpenter, the challenge was the connection with the composite panel cladding slid on frame. I had to work as a team with the wood carpenter to have flawless details by the time of the windows integration, dressing…”

Nicolas Négron
Installux partner manufacturer



Project sheet

The project’s photographies

Zoom sur les fenêtres et coulissants réalisés par L'Hermet Menuiserie