Manufacture and installation of aluminum joinery in the Loire region by Durieux Fermetures

Fabrication et pose de menuiserie dans la Loire par Durieux Fermetures

Fabrication et pose de menuiserie dans la Loire par Durieux Fermetures

An XXL construction project

This architect-designed house in the Loire region was built with one objective in mind: to achieve a high level of luminosity with a maximum number of openings onto the swimming pool. The owners also chose to integrate a pergola in their project, so that it would become a living space in its own right. They wanted a modern, uncluttered design.

Installux partner Durieux Fermetures rose to the challenge. They proposed a range of aluminum joinery that brings light and finesse to the living room.

Thinner aluminum profiles for greater glazing clarity

To open up the façade with a minimum of aluminum mass, the craftsman recommended the Espace® 70TH concealed sash window. The principle: a sash is hidden behind the outer frame by a gasket. This allows more light to enter, thanks to the greater clarity of glazing.

Light control is then achieved through the glazing. He installed Espace® 70TH fixed frames with solar control glass infills. In addition, the bathroom windows are fitted with sandblasted glass to provide both light and privacy. The living areas are equipped with sliding bay windows, creating a direct opening to the outside. To do so, the manufacturer chose the Galaxie® 32TH sliding system.

To take advantage of the openness of the rooms and the light without the nuisance of insects, the craftsman integrated mosquito screens slid laterally onto the sliding panels. In this way, they allow natural ventilation of the rooms, avoiding any nuisance.



Fabrication et pose de menuiserie dans la Loire par Durieux Fermetures

Creating a true living space thanks to the bioclimatic pergola

To enjoy another space around the pool, the artisan advised to install a bioclimatic pergola. An idea that was directly integrated by the owners.

The craftsman installed a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats. This allows light exposure to be controlled to regulate temperature. It also features a side blind and LED lighting.

All the project uses the same color: anthracite grey. This color brings modernity and homogeneity to the joinery and the pergola.

Then, the owners conceived a summer kitchen under the pergola. So, it became a true living space to enjoy convivial moments around the pool.



The artisan’s testimony

“New-builds open up a whole range of possibilities. If you’re looking for light, you’ll have to opt for galandage sliders and hidden-opening windows. However, with galandage slider systems, and sliders in general, we lose thermal insulation comparing to a window. In a new-build, we can incorporate natural insulating materials into the walls to ensure perfect thermal insulation.

It’s also important to look for the house’s orientation to determine the good openings. More openings are needed on the south side to bring in warmth and light. But fewer on the north, the coldest side of the house. The choice also depends on altitude.

As craftsmen, we have an advisory role to play. We point out the constraints and points to watch for in projects. We also ensure quality of service and products. Also, working with the same trades and architects ensures greater reliability.”

Durieux Fermetures

Installux Partner Manufacturer





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Fabrication et pose de menuiserie dans la Loire par Durieux Fermetures