Made-to-measure glazed facades and aluminium joinery in Hauts de France by Portails et Fermetures

Menuiseries aluminium gamme Installux par Portails et Fermetures

Menuiseries aluminium gamme Installux par Portails et Fermetures

New construction in the Hauts de France region

This new build, located in the commune of Givenchy en Goelle, features the region’s characteristic red brick cladding. This house, with its classic look, required high-quality joinery. The choice of a manufacturer quickly became obvious to the customer, who wanted to bring as much light as possible into the living areas. The owners chose Installux partner Portails et Fermetures to manufacture and install the joinery. The craftsman worked directly with the builder on the plans to propose a project adapted to the customer’s needs and the architecture of the house.





Menuiseries aluminium gamme Installux par Portails et Fermetures

A project of finesse and light

The key factor in the success of this project was the creation of a maximum number of openings, using slim profiles. To achieve this, the craftsman turned to Installux high-performance joinery. The glazed façade, based on the Espace® 70TH fixed frame, brings natural light into the living room. This key piece required reliable, thermal-engineering products, as well as the craftsman’s expertise during installation. The mullions are extremely slender and the structure is perfectly insulated. The choice of glazing was also the key to success, to avoid overheating as they had not yet installed solar protection.

In conjunction with the façade, our partner Installux has also installed Galaxie® 32TH sliding systems in all first-floor rooms. In addition, a Comète® 70TH glass door leads to a terrace on the upper floor. The Satellite® guardrail ensures safety.

The profiles are bicolored: sandblasted gray on the outside and frosted matt white on the inside. The choice of two-tone coloring, when clear, allows the joinery to be concealed indoors, while highlighting the decorative elements. On exteriors, the shades must harmonize with the colors of the facades. The frosted matte finish, on the other hand, is both pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain.

In addition, the customer wanted to create a separation between the entrance and the living room, with an interior glass door. He came with a precise idea of what he wanted, and some inspirational photos to propose to the craftsman. To meet this requirement, the aluminum joiner created a set composed of a double glass door without a lock, in the style of a skylight, with small wood panels.

Menuiseries aluminium gamme Installux par Portails et Fermetures

Aluminum: the material for joinery in unique, made-to-measure shapes and sizes

Because your home doesn’t look like anyone else’s, your artisan can imagine anything with aluminum. What if joinery wasn’t just rectangular? Oblique, acute or rounded angles… the choice is yours. Made-to-measure also allows you to consider non-standard minimum or maximum dimensions. Finally, for the finishing touch, your craftsman will offer you true customization for a truly unique project. Thanks to your craftsman’s know-how, shapes, designs, colors… anything is possible!

The artisan’s advice

“It’s essential to analyze and look at the customer’s day-to-day habits in order to create joinery that will stand the test of time. We can also analyze their lifestyle or profession to adapt to their psychology.

In this way, we can give our best advice to the customer, whether it’s on color to match the project and the desired ambience, or on the type of sash to match expectations. We create a real dialogue with the customer!

Dominique Collet

Portails et Fermetures

Installux partner manufacturer

The project’s sheet

The project’s photos

Menuiseries aluminium gamme Installux par Portails et Fermetures