The pergola with adjustable louvers by Installux

The pergola is an invitation to well-being! The assurance of a relaxing atmosphere, day and evening, in hot weather and even in the rain! The Luciole® pergola was designed to bring comfort and aesthetics to the terrace and to offer you a new living space.

pergola Luciole d'Installux

Comfort and performance thanks to the Installux pergola

What is generally expected from the pergola? Adding shade in high summer, but without plunging the terrace into darkness. A shelter to enjoy the outdoors in a gloomy weather. A soft lighting for the long evenings. And of course, an elegant construction, to harmonise with the rest of the house, and sturdy to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to its aluminium structure, the Installux pergola offred by Installux makes it possible to adapt a project to all configurations: with one or two walls, vertical or horizontal louvers, single or double module with or without intermediate post… the variations are multiple.

More Information About the Installux pergola® Pergola

As a protection against harsh weather such as sunlight, the bioclimatic pergola consists of a ‘roof’ of adjustable louvers made of extruded aluminium that can be tilted from 0 to 140 ° with a total control of solar gain. In the closed position, the roof is waterproof thanks to the integrated seals and pipes which drain rainwater.

pergola à lames orientables

Focus on … the bioclimatic

Using the environment and the climate to meet the energy needs of the house: the bioclimatic has the wind in its sails! The Installux pergola reduces energy costs while offering a comfortable living environment. In summer, the adjustable louvers regulate the light and the energy intake to cool the house. In winter, the opening of the louvers allows more sunlight to shine through the doors and the bay windows to heat or to retain heat indoors. Throughout the year, the weather is the best ally of the energy bill.

Aesthetic transparency of the pergola by Installux

The Installux pergola adapts to the aesthetics of each home and is available in a multitude of finishes. Do you need traditional lines? The pergola with staggered posts is ideal. Project with a contemporary design? The flush posts will give the pergola a linear and modern look. An innovative design allowed the integration of the water drainage system, motor and mechanisms in a 175mm-width posts with discreet finishes, which guarantees smooth lines and quiet operation of the mechanisms. In addition to the aluminium corrosion and weather-resistant properties, a wide range of colours is available.

pergola avec baie vitrée

Comfort, aesthetics, ease of handling and maintenance: the Installux pergola reveals unsuspected possibilities to make every terrace an essential space of well-being.