Light-filled renovation of joineries in Savoie by Alu Menuiserie Savoie

Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Alu Menuiserie Savoie

Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Alu Menuiserie Savoie

Seaking harmony and clarity

It is in Savoie that our manufacturer and his wife wished to replace all the wood joineries of their personal home by aluminum joineries. This renovation aimed to brighten and enlarge the building’s rooms. A golden opportunity for him to develop his land with other works of its own creation. A project under the sign of light, clarity and harmony.

For this large-scale project, Alu Menuiserie Savoie, the Installux partner manufacturer, decided to use a single color for all its installations.



Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Alu Menuiserie Savoie

Light-filled renovation

Renovating joineries should not be taken lightly. In fact, it requires the creation of tailor-made, perfectly sealed installations to ensure excellent thermal insulation. To guarantee this insulation, the craftsman opted for Installux’s Espace® 70TH window and Galaxie® 32TH sliding window: high-performance joineries available in a wide range of colors.

Opting for indoor and outdoor joineries of the same color permits to harmonize the house. That is why the owners chose white installations in RAL 9010 matt color from the Installux palette.  A finishing bringing modernity and softness to the project.

“We wanted to brighten and enlarge the rooms in our house. And above all, white is a neutral color that can be combined with all others. Before, our joineries were dark grey and made of wood. But we felt that the colors made the rooms look smaller.”

The owners of the house

For an even more aesthetic and decorative touch, the couple chose to add a blue line to the claustra, creating a private space on the terrace.



Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Alu Menuiserie Savoie

Landscaping outdoor spaces

Another challenge for this project was to develop the exterior using aluminum installations. The Satellite® claustra creates a convivial space on the terrace, while protecting the residents from overlooked areas. The craftsman chose not to install it on the property line in order to isolate the space without closing it.

The couple also wanted a shelter over the jacuzzi and garden furniture. In the end, the artisan opted to install a Luciole® porch without the glazing as a patio. The solid roof protects the fittings in winter. This is a common solution in the region. Unlike pergolas, the porch’s perfectly watertight roof protects against the snow, which is particularly prevalent in Savoie. This solution also fits in the couple’s future plans, which include adding glazing in a few years’ time to create a real living area.


The craftsman’s advice

To create a harmony between the different installations, the craftsman recommends a maximum three colors. Furthermore, it is possible to match and play off the elements between the joineries, the gate, the garage door, etc.

The most popular color for the artisan’s clients is anthracite grey. But black and dark grey are also very much on trend. These stronger colors are often used in renovation and/or modern construction projects. Matt white, in the other hand, is a neutral color that makes it easy to change your décor. Wood tones are demanded by customers looking to replace their joineries with identical colors. It may also be compulsory for listed buildings and areas subject to Bâtiments de France, depending on the region.

The project’s sheet

The project’s photos

Fabrication et pose de menuiseries par Alu Menuiserie Savoie