Large opening with maximum airtightness near Lyon by Alu Thiery

Des ouvrants de grandes dimensions à Lyon par Alu Thiery

Des ouvrants de grandes dimensions à Lyon par Alu Thiery

An architect-designed house in the Monts du Lyonnais region

The owner of this single-storey house, located in the Monts du Lyonnais, wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. He also wanted to bring a great deal of light to the interior while ensuring optimum thermal performance. Alu Thierry, Installux manufacturer partner, worked with the customer to design and manufacture all the joinery for the building. The aim was to create as many openings as possible to give the feeling of living in harmony with the outside.





Maximum transparency to the outside thanks to large-scale joinery

Des ouvrants de grandes dimensions à Lyon par Alu Thiery

For this project, the craftsman’s two main priorities were thermal performance and light. The challenge was to create very large windows. These ones required great precision because of the weight of the glazing. For optimum thermal performance, the sashes had to be set very precisely. To achieve this, the craftsman turned to high-performance aluminum joinery by Installux. In the kitchen, an impressive Espace® 70TH fixed frame, measuring 4.20X1m, creates an unprecedented sensation of clarity. Furthermore, the Galaxie® 32TH sliding door allows maximum openness. The living room’s 4-panel, 4-rail, 8.30 X 2.85m sliding windows, and the slim aluminum profiles, offer perfect depth and aesthetics overlooking the central garden.

For even greater transparency and harmony, the owners chose to install a glazed entrance door, for which the craftsman fitted a Comète® 70TH door. The light grey color chosen for all the joinery blends in perfectly with the house’s stone cladding.



Des ouvrants de grandes dimensions à Lyon par Alu Thiery

Ensuring that the windows and doors are watertight

To ensure the success of the project, an architect worked alongside the craftsman. Thanks to discussions with the architect and the customer, they were able to design the openings to be as insulating as possible. In addition, the joinery was fitted with low-emissivity, burglar-resistant glazing. The windows in the day rooms are also fitted with sunshades, while the night-rooms are equipped with roller shutters. The homeowner can therefore modulate light and heat throughout the house.

Is glazing responsible for energy loss?

We know that glazing can be responsible for 10-15% of heat loss if it is neglected in the project. To ensure that glazing makes a real contribution to the comfort and thermal performance of your home, you should opt for low-emissivity, reinforced thermal insulation double glazing with a low heat loss coefficient (Ug between 1.1 and 1.0 W/m2.K). In fact, the perfectly sealed space between the two transparent panes filled with argon gas is less conductive than air.


The artisan’s testimony

“A customer presents his project and the craftsman suggests solutions that are as aesthetic as they are practical. He gives his expertise on the feasibility of the project, such as the weight of the glazing, which can restrict the dimensions of the structures. Projects also needs to be co-ordinated with all the trades to ensure that they are carried out in the best possible conditions. The quality of the installation is essential if the project is to be perfectly thermal. A poorly caulked opening creates thermal bridges. The new insulation constraints and standards mean that tradesmen have to pay ever greater attention to the quality of their work.”

Yann Thiery

Alu Thiery

Installux partner manufacturer

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Des ouvrants de grandes dimensions à Lyon par Alu Thiery