In the french Haute Loire, construction of a 50m² veranda by Lhermet Menuiserie

Superbe véranda en Haute Loire réalisée par Lhermet Menuiserie

The project: A veranda living room open to the outside

The entire project was guided by this interior/exterior relationship, not so much by aesthetic bias as by essential breathing. Superb veranda in the Haute Loire made by Lhermet Menuiserie

To do this, the craftsman proposed a Luciole veranda. Its tubular roof consists of infill panels and a skylight of three 68mm solar and sound insulated glass panels.

The facades feature doors as well as Galaxie 32TH double leaf sliding doors. The slim, sand grey tinted profiles are both elegant and discreet and do not detract from the look.

The new space was to incorporate an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.
The new space was intended to integrate an organic whole comprising kitchen and living room. In other words, a place that is frequented regularly, where it must be good to live.

Challenge: Thermal protection of the veranda

Mastering the elements

Two main axes guided the design work: rethinking the junction with the building by bringing in light and fluidity of circulation, and guaranteeing a temperate atmosphere that can be modulated in all weathers, which is important in this low mountain region.

The main façade of the veranda is composed of three Galaxie 32TH two-panel sliding doors, while the side façades offer symmetry, a Comet 70TH entrance door and a two-panel sliding door. This thermal break joinery contributes to the watertightness and insulation of this south-facing room. However, an air conditioning system and a heat pump complete the comfort of the room.

In the roof, as on the façades, thermally protected roller blinds were installed in a second phase to modulate the sunlight at will.

Superb veranda in the Haute Loire built by Lhermet Menuiserie

Overheating problems are no longer a fatality

If interior heat was for a long time the black spot of the veranda, those days are over. Before any technical solution is found, it is important to contact an expert who knows the region, its climate and its constraints. He will be able to propose, for example, solutions for roof glazing that can withstand heavy snowfall and wind.

Glazing that can be combined with high solar protection blinds for optimum comfort in all weathers.


The Galaxie 32TH sliding window range has been designed with customisation in mind. It is therefore perfect for renovation projects, even of large dimensions. From an aesthetic point of view, it can be integrated into both modern and traditional buildings. It will give the latter discreet lines that underline and enhance the existing aesthetic.

And why not complement this modern touch with a roof window that opens up the space in all directions?


Superb veranda in Haute Loire made by Lhermet Menuiserie

Customer testimonials

“This house is our investment for the future because we intend to make this second home our home when we retire. That’s how much the project meant to us!
Of course, we compared the projects of several craftsmen and in the end, we chose the one whose project was the most technically accomplished … but also the one with whom the “current” passed the best.

We don’t measure enough how important, for this type of project, the human relationship is.”

 Marie and Gilles
The owners


Superb veranda in the Haute Loire built by Lhermet Menuiserie

The professional’s analysis

“This project is proof that technology can serve the most ambitious ideas. For a living room to fulfil its function, it must speak to the senses… Here, it was the view.


The house overlooks a valley, the landscape is magnificent: it was of course necessary to integrate this natural heritage into the renovation of the house. We therefore did everything possible, meticulously, to ensure that neither the structure nor the joinery obstructed the view.

With such a high ceiling, it required ultra-precise work upstream!”

Nicola Négron
Lhermet Menuiserie (48)
Artisan manufacturer partner Installux

Project Sheet

Les photos du projet

Superb veranda in Haute Loire made by Lhermet Menuiserie