Home extension inspired by the 70’s by Durieux Fermetures

Une extension d'habitation aux inspirations des années 1970 par Durieux Fermetures

Une extension d'habitation aux inspirations des années 1970 par Durieux Fermetures

Light and audacity

In the artisan’s own words, this outstanding project is one of his most beautiful achievements. And for good reason! This complete renovation project, incorporating an extension upstairs, includes no less than ten joineries and one glass balustrade, all conceived around the double concept of security and quality.

Behind this bold project, the owners’ will to renovate the façades that seemed outdated to them. Not wanting to do things by halves, they also chose to add an extension overhanging the terrace. All under the motto: volumes, light, contrast. During the first phase of the works, artisan manufacturer, architect and owners came together to overlook every aspects of the project, and above all to lay the foundations for a genuine relationship of trust. They all agreed to create a new space upstairs thanks to a flat roof extension, supported by two metal pillars, with a 1970’s twist.

To choose the joineries, other main aspect of the project, the owners, motivated by a desire for strong design, followed the artisan’s advice. The choice fell on a range of high-performance Espace® 70TH windows and Galaxie® 45TH sliding systems. A remarkable corner slider of 6X2.2m, and 3m for the return, which the slim profiles offer an uninterrupted view of the garden. In the same spirit, a series of nine single-leaf windows complete the façade. Giving it this way a new contemporary aesthetic, very refined. Latest addition, the glass balustrade insures the security while blending in the rest of the building without obscuring the view.


Well-thought-out sun protection Une extension d'habitation aux inspirations des années 1970 par Durieux Fermetures

Large clear glazing means high-performance solar protection. Because a great luminosity must not generate overheating in indoor rooms. To do so, the project includes different solutions of high performance solar protection.

To guarantee both luminosity and comfort, the bay window has been fitted with a set of motorized sun breakers, with adjustable aluminum blades. This makes it possible to modulate the sunlight in interior rooms naturally and very flexibly, as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the façade, by alternating horizontal and vertical lines. Furthermore, to reinforce the thermal performance, all joineries have been fitted with high solar protection glazing. This way, the corner slider includes a Warm Edge glazing, an innovative product that neutralizes thermal bridges and blends in perfectly with the 45TH profiles. The other windows benefit low-emissivity glazing. Like that, they filter the sun’s rays to prevent infrared rays from overheating rooms.

“It’s a major project, yes, but it didn’t stop up! We love this house, but we were beginning to tire of its 1980’s look. Therefore, we decided to fully renovate and modernize it. To do so, we have chosen an artisan manufacturer we can trust who knew how to propose innovative, high quality, high performance products. The project would never have come to fruition without it.”

Maude et Jean-Jacques
The owners



Une extension d'habitation aux inspirations des années 1970 par Durieux Fermetures

Elegance right down to the finishing touches

We recognize aesthetically exigent projects thanks to the small details. The high performance Installux’s range are the key for a coherent aesthetics down to the smallest details. This way, you have the choice between different looks of glazing beads and multiple designs of chassis. Trust your Installux expert manufacturer to design a harmonious project that meets your every wish.

Joineries also work for your safety

To feel good at home, you need to feel protected. Aluminum joineries are a guarantee of safety. In fact, the material is robust and impact-resistant, as well as weather-resistant, regardless of the thinness of the profiles. You can also fit them with burglar-resistant glazing or a set of roller shutters, for example. Moreover, for the everyday manipulation, the windows are conceived to ensure safety thanks to the finger safeguards and integrated security.




The professional’s testimony

“The biggest challenge for this project was to match the key elements that were the big slider, the balustrade and the solar shading without abandoning the exigent aesthetic of the house. It required a lot of study beforehand and an authentic collaboration of all. The project is a success because the client really trusted us, which is always a guarantee of serenity and quality.”

Pierre Durieux
Durieux Fermetures
Installux partner artisan manufacturer

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Une extension d'habitation aux inspirations des années 1970 par Durieux Fermetures