Doors: design and colour

Not only is the front door is a pledge of safety and comfort: it’s also a crossing and greeting point which marks one’s first steps inside a home. Thanks to aluminium and specialised designers such as Installux, there is no need to choose between safety and design. The current trend is towards design, high performance and above all, totally customisable doors.

Customised aluminium doors for building new as well as renovations.

Custom made is THE answer to all your building site issues whether linked to renovating or building new. Installux aluminium doors are especially designed to adapt to any kind of opening and any type of aesthetical choice. Thanks to the Comète® range, wide dimensions are no longer a restriction but an asset, as are narrow openings. What is true for the front door also true for the inner doors and secondary entrances: standard-sized or not, it is possible to imagine elegant doors in harmony with the rest of the opening elements.

Discover the Door aluminium system by Installux

From most classical to most design, it is possible for the doors of a housing to achieve the desired appearance. In order to highlight the traditional aspect and timeless elegance of a home, a door with wooden mouldings, which would withstand time better than wood itself while offering the same aesthetic features, would be ideal. In the case of contemporary households, those better at designing combine perfectly solid and double-glazed infill panels and colours.

porte en aluminium

Colours and lighting with aluminium systems

To hide and show, such is the aesthetical challenge of the doors whether main or inner. Everything is allowed in this sight game! By inspiring yourself from the style of each house, it is possible to imagine different types of filling, from the most opaque to the most transparent. The 50 TH and 70 TH doors can handle either decorative panels or glazing, up to 50 or 55 mm large. And why not double the transparence game by adding a fixed glass skylight, oculis, or bull’s eye windows, which would skilfully add to the visibility another distribution of the light in the entrance.

When it comes to colours, our keyword remains imagination! Thanks to aluminium, there is no need to worry about the effects of climate, the salty seaside environments, or the harshness of mountain winters: aluminium doesn’t rust, nor does it discolour. The chosen shades stay as bright as they were on the first day. Just like any Installux range, all the RAL colours are available, from most discreet to most daring, and may be enhanced with an effect: matt, shiny, satin sheen, grained, wooden effect, etc. It is equally possible to achieve bicolouration of various aluminium elements, in order to ensure the coherence of style inwards as well as outwards.

différents types de portes

Focus on the finishing touches & accessories

A door’s style is nuanced in its finest details. If being original by playing with contrasts is always a safe bet, matching traditional aesthetical products such as classical-inspired doorknobs and locks, with golden nickel finish for instance, while the chromed accessories with smoother lines shall be kept for the contemporary doors.

Same principle for the inside: harmony and customable design. Installux has therefore designed for its Comète® range several kinds of glazing beads: round-ended, square, or chamfered, along with a choice of handles adaptable to any project and available in any finish.

finitions des portes aluminium Installux