Custom-made windows using the manufacturer’s expertise

When constructing or renovating a house, the installation of new windows for a house requires careful attention. As a link between the house and the outside world, windows provide security and comfort. Many times, a tailor-made solution is necessary in order to achieve an optimal level of efficiency. What role does the manufacturer's expertise have in this process?

Maison avec des fenêtres sur mesure

When should you decide on custom-made windows?

When you need to replace windows that are not of standard dimensions

In most cases, you will need custom-made windows to replace the casement doors and windows   of an old house by, for example, fitting it with double glazing. This may rarely be the case in modern buildings, although it is possible to find it in old mansions.

For special non-standard sizes, the only option is to go for custom-made windows. Although it is possible to alter the masonry, it is not at all an ideal solution in terms of safety and thermal insulation.

For large-scale renovations

Some major projects do not just involve replacing windows but also a thorough renovation of the buildings. This is particularly important when you want to convert an old country house into a main residence. Or when you want to make an old barn or an outbuilding into a living space.

In such cases, some or all of the openings may have to be created from scratch. Where there is a desire for brightness but still needs to accommodate the technical constraints required by the load-bearing structures of the buildings, it will undoubtedly be necessary to adopt tailor-made casement doors and windows.

fenêtre en alu atypique

If you want to maximise the brightness and style of a new home

Apart from renovation projects, custom-made windows are increasingly needed in new buildings. If you are designing a new house, why not move away from the usual constraints?  This is precisely what custom windows can do!

You can choose any size and shape so as to not only create a unique look, but also to optimise the amount of light for everyone’s comfort. Although customised aluminium casement doors and windows helps to create unique aesthetically pleasing features for a house with large glazed surfaces, it is also essential to implement all bioclimatic approaches, particularly for low-energy houses.

fenêtre en aluminium sur mesure

Aluminium: the perfect material for custom-made windows

By and large, aluminium is the ideal material for custom-made windows. It is suitable for virtually all sizes of casement doors and windows, from the smallest skylights to very large French windows. In addition, its high resistance makes it possible to create very thin structures and therefore very bright windows.

Discover Installux solutions for the manufacture of custom-made windows

Being highly malleable, aluminium provides a unique variety of colours, shapes and textures. A custom-made window is not just a question of dimensions. When you use aluminium, all the aesthetic aspects can be customized!

Even though aluminium may be a little more expensive than other materials, it is often the only material that is really suitable for the fabrication of customized windows. In addition, its great durability makes it a great long-term return on investment. Aluminium does not distort, burn, rust or crack. It maintains its properties even after decades, and only needs to be cleaned with a sponge to get back to its original shine.

Aluminium casement doors and windows experts: the team behind successful custom-made projects

Who better to contact than a manufacturer who designs and fabricates its own products to satisfy the needs of a construction or renovation project requiring customised windows? Unlike ready-to-install windows which can be totally incompatible with custom-made products, the aluminium   casement doors and windows fabricator has the freedom to use its expertise and creativity using the profiles and accessories supplied by its innovative partner, Installux.