Choosing the right pergola: the importance of the material

There are some distinctive features that will enable you to fully enjoy the peace and cosiness of a garden. Detachable parts such as arbours or sunshades can be easily adjusted, but in the long run it is not very practical. They have a poor resistance to wind and weather and require tedious fitting and removal procedures. In addition, they must be well stored during winter. This makes pergolas an ideal solution. With its open space plan and aesthetic appeal, pergolas can be used to decorate outdoor spaces, either independently or as a complement to a conservatory.

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Spotlight on pergolas

Pergolas are visually light, but fixed and rigid structures Pergolas stand out for their robustness and versatility. They can be attached to the house where they act as bridges between the house and the garden. It is also possible to erect a pergola independently like in the middle of a garden, a park or beside a swimming pool.

Pergolas provide aesthetic and practical solutions to problems related to light, heat and ventilation. This makes it possible to maximize the amount of natural light entering the house during winter. On the other hand, they regulate the indoor temperature in summer by projecting shade over the glass window. Above all, it is primarily an external solution. Thanks to their ability to adjust the shade at will as well as providing protection from the rain, the use of terraces, gardens and swimming pools remains pleasant at all times of the day. Being an outdoor solution by definition, pergolas retain natural ventilation ensuring softness and freshness, even in the height of summer.

Knowing the technical features and performance of a pergola is the key to choosing the right pergola.


Aluminium is the ideal material for pergola blades

Thanks to our extensive expertise as aluminium system designers, at Installux we can attest to the fact that the best pergolas are equipped with adjustable aluminium blades. This thin and resistant material has excellent mechanical and thermal performance. The blades can be positioned manually. However, modern pergolas are generally fitted with silent and discreet motors or even automatic positioning systems.

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These adjustable blades make it possible to tailor the use of the pergola to different climatic conditions around the garden. If closed, they give protection from rain as well as from the intense mid-day sunshine. When they are half-open, they allow air and light to pass through so that you can enjoy a beautiful day without being suffocated or getting sunburned. When fully open, pergolas provide the maximum amount of light in all seasons. This is especially important in order not to be deprived of daylight that comes into contact with glass windows and doors in the middle of winter.

There are other solutions on the market but they don’t offer the versatility and strength of aluminium. Some pergolas are fitted with fixed blades, possibly made of wood which only filter part of the light. These types of models provide very little flexibility and do not protect against rain. These pergolas may provide some shade in the height of summer, but may not be sufficient in the hottest hours of the day.

How to decorate your home with an aluminium pergola

Pergolas are very light in weight and can enhance the general aesthetics of a property, accentuate classical architecture or, on quite the opposite, be bold and daring. The Installux range of products and accessories makes it possible to design and manufacture pergolas that perfectly match the architecture of your premises thanks, among other things, to a wide choice of colours. This is an opportunity to beautify both the house and the garden in a harmonious way.

Pergolas can also be used as a convenient and aesthetic complement to a conservatory, extending it harmoniously into the garden or the terrace. This will make it possible to combine the aesthetics of the pergola with those of the conservatory, the windows and the whole house.

Details are also important when it comes to aesthetics. Instalallux’s aluminium pergolas are clean and discreet in appearance with concealed fastening systems for screws and floor fixings. The motor and rainwater drainage systems are also integrated into the design. Side blinds can be mounted to protect against wind or low sun, depending on the direction of the house. Modern pergolas incorporate unique lighting solutions ideal for outdoor evenings, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

These small details can often distinguish between a very simple pergola and a sophisticated pergola, which combines versatility and aesthetics.

Incorporating pergolas in an eco-friendly house

Nowadays, you cannot build, renovate or extend a house without also taking into account new regulations and environmental issues. The best modern pergolas are designed in response to these challenges while fitting naturally within eco-friendly homes.

The latest pergolas contribute directly to the good energy performance of homes thanks to their design. The optimal alignment of the blades provide shade and natural air circulation during the summer, which means that there is no need for mechanised ventilation systems on the terrace and also limits the use of air-conditioning units in the house adjacent to the bay windows. During the low seasons, the high luminosity offered by the thin aluminium blades fitted in an open design ensures that the solar energy entering the house is optimised. This minimizes the use of artificial lighting and at the same time helps to reduce heating needs.