Bioclimatic pergola built by G2N Novalu in Mayenne

Choosing a bioclimatic pergola means choosing new square metres of comfort with complete peace of mind! The pergola does not require any building permission in France if its surface area is estimated to be less than 20m², a significant time saving. The design is made to ensure a quick and perfect installation. It only takes a few days to enjoy this new living space! Discover this inspiring project carried out by our partner G2N Novalu in Mayenne.

Pergola bioclimatique Installux en Mayenne

Project: Terrace design with a bioclimatic pergola

Something was missing to complete this elegant contemporary house… The owners wanted to create a link between the large terrace and the landscaped garden with its beautiful pool.
Pergola bioclimatique Installux en Mayenne

The bioclimatic pergola quickly emerged as the ideal solution, highlighting the overall architecture of the house and allowing the terrace to be fully enjoyed.

The terrace, in anthracite tones, which extends to the turquoise waters of the pool, is the ideal place to share delicious moments of relaxation. The terrace is furnished and equipped… but it is difficult to stand on it in the middle of summer.

The clients and our partner manufacturer, G2N Novalu, agreed to enhance the space and make it more useful by creating a Luciole® bioclimatic pergola of approximately 16 m2. This can be adapted to all terrace configurations to provide shade and gentle ventilation, as the owners of this house wished.

An electric blind was also installed to block the prevailing wind, as well as a series of LED lights inserted in the roof frames: it is now possible to enjoy this new space in all weathers, day and night.


Challenge: Matching the design of the bioclimatic pergola with the house

We were struck by the house’s strong contemporary spirit, which is reflected in the choice of colours as well as the minimalist shape of the joinery.

Pergola bioclimatique Installux en Mayenne

The pergola therefore had to fit into this aesthetic of pure lines and contrasting tones.
Of the two possibilities offered by the Luciole® pergola, the choice fell on the flush posts.

These posts are a perfect match for contemporary buildings and enhance their aesthetic lines. They have mitre-cut corners that are assembled in a perfect fit, without any visible connecting pieces, for a neat finish.

The water drainage system, the connection of the motorised blinds, as well as the floor fixings, are absolutely invisible to respect the purity of the lines. In the same spirit, the LED lighting is discreetly and elegantly integrated into the profiles.

As for the colours, the owners opted for a frosted anthracite grey, which recalls the grey of the joinery. A light grey was chosen for the slats in order to play on contrasts while remaining in the same range of tones.

Lines and colours thus make this new space a support for the overall aesthetics of the house.


Pergola bioclimatique Installux en Mayenne

Customer testimonials

“When we had the house built, we were wondering how best to optimise the terrace.

An acquaintance of ours introduced us to the craftsman G2N Novalu and, rather than a long argument, he took us to see one of his projects. We were immediately won over!

And we don’t regret our choice at all, the pergola gives us complete satisfaction.

To any homeowner who might be hesitating to do the same, we say: go for it! It will change your life.”

 Anita et Laurent
The owners



Pergola bioclimatique Installux en Mayenne

The professional’s analysis

“The principle to bear in mind with this type of project is that there is no type.

Because no two houses are exactly alike, no two desires are completely identical. Everything is done on a case-by-case basis, from design to installation.

That’s why it’s important to work with a craftsman who knows his product well enough to be able to adapt it to every situation.

Experience has taught us that the pergola is always an excellent solution for the development of a terrace: that would be the common point in all these projects.”

Jean-Marie Gosselin
Artisan fabricant partenaire Installux


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Project pictures

Belle pergola bioclimatique Installux réalisée par G2N Novalu en Mayenne