All aluminium carpentries aren’t the same: know how to tell the difference!

Compared with PVC or wood, aluminium often turns out to be the best material for home carpentries. It is found either in windows, porches, or bay windows. However, all aluminium-based solutions aren’t equal. Indeed, there’s a very clear qualitative sinkhole between customised aluminium carpentries and ready to install solutions.

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Aluminium: a high-potential material

Unique qualities

Aluminium is known for its exceptional qualities, which turn it into an ideal material for building and building layout. This very common and affordable metal is incredibly resistant and solid.

  • It doesn’t distort, even in case of high temperatures, doesn’t snap in case of frost and doesn’t rust on the long-term.
  • It enters the composition of hermetic carpentry, well insulated on a thermal and acoustic level.
  • Aluminium provides a high level of security, whether against housebreaking, fires, or home accidents.

Not only is aluminium very light, it is also malleable for either the producers of technical systems or the craftspeople and manufacturers who use them.

  • This allows to use solid and light profiles. Which will allow the design of carpentry of all sizes and shapes, suites to any kind of glazing.
  • The aluminium profiles’ thinness allows the optimisation of the transparent surface of the carpentries, along with their thermal performances and the comfort linked to the natural light intake.
  • Aluminium may be moulded, textured and coloured.

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These performances are adapted to the most demanding carpentries

These unique features allow aluminium to enter the design of a great number of carpentries, for any imaginable project.

  • Communal buildings, whether dwellings, offices, or public spaces. The latter may include glazed surfaces on full facades.
  • New individual houses, with perfectly integrated glazed surfaces in the overall architecture. For such projects, aluminium carpentries allow to provide the buildings with a fully bioclimatic dimension. Learn more about bioclimatology.
  • The renovation or rehabilitation of ancient houses, with carpentry replacement for further comfort and performances.

Aluminium carpentry therefore grants a high level of technical performance and demands. Aluminium allows the best thermal, acoustic and visual comfort there is. But aluminium carpentries are also known for cutting back energy consumption of building, including as part of bioclimatic approaches. Finally, windows, bay windows and porches allow to enhance the buildings’ appearance, no matter what their architectural style is.

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Tailor-made and high performance carpentry

Performances linked to the installation’s general quality and the design quality of the profiles included in the product.

In order to harvest the potential of the aluminium carpentries to the fullest, it is nevertheless necessary to respect high quality standards, otherwise the finished product will turn out poor. Therefore, badly designed profiles that do not ensure thermal bridge breakage will represent an insulation qualified as horrid, or even useless. Using profiles provided by Installux, a known aluminium designer, allows craftspeople and manufacturing carpenters to be sure they’re working with the best of materials.

Beyond raw materials, the assembly and general design are of major importance for the creation of high-performance carpentries. A proper assembly allows to design finished products that are solid and insulating on a thermal point of view. The window or porch should be designed by taking into account the customer’s need and the environment of the house. According to the exposure with respect to the sun, the layout of the rooms, the use of the latter, it is possible to create tailor-made carpentries which are perfectly adapted to the house’s living areas. Generally, the proper management of the greenhouse effect, the light intake and any other bioclimatic feature is substantial to improve the comfort of the house in any season.