What are the benefits of aluminium windows?

For centuries, houses’ doors and windows were made exclusively out of a single material: wood Nowadays, several alternatives exist and allow to make up for wood’s various flaws, and to imagine new solutions far more ambitious both technically and aesthetically. In this area, aluminium has chiefly made a name for itself. Light, thin, and at the same time very sustainable and solid, aluminium has a lot of arguments going on, whether in favour of new houses or replacing windows of ancient houses, or even renovation sites.

Salon avec grandes baies vitrées

Aluminium: a definitely sustainable and solid material

On the contrary of wood, or then again of PVC, aluminium alloys are known for being extremely solid. They are resistant to corrosion and to all kinds of climates and bad weather conditions. Aluminium requires next to no maintenance, but for an occasional sponge wipe. Aluminium windows keep looking as good as new as the decades go by, fearing neither frost, nor heatwaves, nor wind, nor rain.

Though aluminium might be light, thanks to its toughness, it also takes part in securing the house. Provided with anti-housebreaking glazings, the aluminium windows systems provided by Installux are both resistant to violent weather elements and possible attempts to break in. In addition, aluminium doesn’t burn, making it a good protection against localised fire hazards, for instance. Finally, all the tailor-made aluminium windows meet the latest safety standards in order to avoid any pinching, jamming and smashing, hence protecting the whole family, even the smallest ones.

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Aluminium windows, the choice of comfort

Though undoubtedly solid, aluminium windows remain light and are available in a wide range, in order top meet all opening needs. It is thus possible to select a traditional French opening, a tilt and turn system, particularly secure for children, or then again sliding windows of any shape and size, for maximum opening and brightness. Of course, all these windows are available with top-notch glazings, double or triple glazing, anti-housebreaking strengthened glass, etc. which should be enough to ensure both your safety and your insulation, and thus your optimal comfort.

Upscale aluminium carpentry, manufactured with Installux systems and accessories, usually meets the latest regulations regarding energy insulation, namely French regulation RT2012. The window solutions developed by Installux are provided with thermal bridge breakage and thus offer excellent acoustic and thermal performances. The heat is kept in the home in winter, and the house stays fresh during summertime. The acoustic insulation is equally a priority for everyone’s comfort.

intérieur d'une ancienne maison rénovée avec des fenêtres aluminium

Tailor-made design solutions 

Aluminium carpentry offers a very large selection of windows and sliding bay windows customisation. The texture, colour and thinness of the profiles may be adapted to each and everyone’s tastes, as well as to the house’s architectural style. From the most modern villas to the ancient, overly classical mansions, solutions exist to bring in light, heat and comfort at the heart of the house.

Aluminium is the most malleable of all the materials available for carpentry. Once coupled with high-performance glazings, it can be used for building large sliding bay windows, unusual-sized windows, or yet again staircases with windows reaching all the way up, for instance.

This tailor-made design, whether in new buildings or renovation sites, offers undeniable side benefits. An adaptation as close as can be to the masonry allows to improve not only the windows’ insulation, but also their resistance to housebreaking, for instance

Baies vitrées sur une maison en bois écologique

Aluminium windows that protect the environment

Aluminium windows allow to take an active part in one of this century’s major issues: protecting the environment.

Thermal insulation provided by high performance aluminium solutions allow to cut back on heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer. However, it remains possible to act even more efficiently for protecting the environment and saving energy.

Indeed, aluminium carpentry is an essential element of bioclimatic houses. Engineered and designed according to several criteria, such as the exposure of the house, or yet again the presence of greenery and trees in the garden, biochemical solutions use sunshine to naturally heat and light up the house in winter. In summer, the management of the shade along with the natural airflow allows to cool the house’s different living areas, without depriving it of natural light.

For the optimal use of windows and bay windows within a bioclimatic house, it may be interesting to match them either to a porch or a pergola, for instance.

Finally, Installux reminds that on a very long-term, aluminium is a material which is nearly 100% recyclable, just like most glazings are. Another thumbs up for the environment.