Aluminium casement doors and windows: the perfect combination of design and efficiency

Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration when selecting windows for a new house or when renovating old casement doors and windows. In many cases, the issue of performance and aesthetic considerations come naturally to the forefront, and it is these factors that often lead to selecting aluminium solutions.
Of all the technical solutions available, aluminium casement doors and windows offer the best design without compromising on performance! Indeed, the aesthetic appeal and the efficiency of aluminium windows are in many ways closely interrelated. This is what makes it an ideal solution in almost every situation.

maison deisgn avec menuiseries en aluminium

The advantages of aluminium casement doors and windows   designs

Custom-made aluminium windows and bay windows are reputed for their modern and sleek design. However, this is not the only aesthetic advantage of aluminium casement doors and windows, which never fails to impress when it comes to design.

An exemplary thinness

Thanks to its mechanical properties, aluminium is a light, robust and stable metal. As a result of these features, it is robust enough for all types of casement doors and windows   while also being very thin.

This proven finesse enables aluminium specialist joinery manufacturers to create structures of any size using Installux’s aluminium systems. This makes aluminium to be suitable for use in full height windows as well as in very bright and visually very open bay windows or conservatories.

Perfect integration into buildings

With its natural malleability as well as its robustness and thinness, aluminium can be easily integrated into all buildings under construction or existing buildings. This is why it is often preferred for renovation projects involving houses, villas and mansions.

Aluminium rails can be integrated directly into ceilings and floors for sliding bay windows to create a smooth appearance and optimum safety. Since aluminium is very light, it is even possible to discreetly integrate motorised systems into the bay windows. In the case of windows, it is possible to integrate hinges using a hinge system for an even more attractive appearance without compromising the efficiency of the locking system.

maison avec menuiseries en aluminium intégrées

Colours, textures, shapes: endless ways to customise aluminium

The great strength of aluminium compared to wood or PVC in terms of design, lies in its ability to be customised as desired. Aluminium casement doors and windows can be painted in any colour from the RAL colour chart using special tinting or lacquering techniques. Aluminium can also be treated with special textures. This can help to use reflections to create modern effects or to imitate wood, stone, steel or wrought iron elements to harmonise with more traditional or classical architecture.

Moreover, with the malleability of aluminium and its thin profiles, it is possible to create casement doors and windows   of all sizes and shapes from small round skylights to large glazed surfaces. Hence, it is entirely possible to fabricate a fully glazed facade with an optional veranda on the garden level, which incorporates only carefully selected intricate glazing to offer unparalleled performance, all in a unique and impressive design. Unique features that can only be found in aluminium.

véranda en aluminium

Solutions that fit every home style

Thanks to all these elements, aluminium can be used to achieve extraordinary aesthetic freedom, whether for designing original creations or for reproducing old styles and materials in renovation projects. It is therefore possible to design aluminium casement doors and windows to suit almost any project, whether it is a new house, a renovation, a glass extension such as a conservatory, a loggia, a swimming pool, a carport, etc.

Choose aluminium for optimum performance

One of the special features of aluminium casement doors and windows   is that it does not compromise performance in the name of aesthetics. If aluminium windows and bay windows are custom-designed by aluminium joinery fabricators, you can expect excellent performance in every aspect while retaining all their appealing features.

Profiles that are optimised for heat and sound insulation of   casement doors and windows

Aluminium profiles designed by experts such as Installux represent the result of extensive research and development work. These complex structures and techniques ensure excellent insulation without compromising the strength or lightness of the assemblies.

As a result, custom-made aluminium casement doors and windows offer excellent heat performance, thanks in particular to the use of thermal-break techniques. This will ensure compliance with the current RT2012 and the proposed RT2020. Another excellent aspect of the glazing is its acoustic insulation. Although aluminium casement doors and windows are light, they can still accommodate complex glazing, including triple glazing if required.

Thin and aesthetic structures for enhanced performance

More generally, multilayered glazing offers better insulation than frames, regardless of the type of materials used. The thin aluminium frames help to reduce the heat exchange surface of the frames in order to optimise the surface area reserved for the glazing itself. This results in a window that is not only better insulated, but also much brighter.

Aluminium: a resistant material for enhanced safety 

In discussing performance, the issue of safety should not be overlooked. Given the robust nature of aluminium, it can withstand shocks, vibrations, temperature changes and even flames. It does not rust, does not require much maintenance and does not release toxic smoke in case of fire.

The perfect combination of design and performance thanks to customised fabrication

In addition to offering the best compromise between performance and aesthetics, aluminium can even be an absolute reference point for two categories taken individually! Such a perfect combination of performance and design is only possible through properly designed and correctly fitted joinery. This is where the know-how and expertise of Installux’s manufacturing partners will be of the utmost importance.

menuiserie aluminium installée par un artisan