A typical Haute Savoie home extension by Actuel Véranda

Extension d'habitation en Haute Savoie par Actuel Véranda

Extension d'habitation en Haute Savoie par Actuel VérandaA new room in its own right

The owners wanted to buy a house built in the 80s, typical of the Haute Savoie region, at an altitude of 750 metres. However, it lacked a bedroom, which the future owners considered essential. The purchase was definitive when they decided to create an extension to the house and reorganise the interior layout.

Actuel Véranda, an Installux partner manufacturer, was on hand to help. Together, they created a seamless extension to the existing house. As a result, they were able to install a true master suite on the other side of the house. This 25m2 extension is also extended by a terrace.



Extension d'habitation en Haute Savoie par Actuel VérandaAn extension in keeping with the codes of the region

This extension takes up the original features of the house. It features a half-hipped roof and a roof overhang. The half-hipped roof breaks up the height of the gables and creates a lower ceiling inside, making it easier to heat the living space. The windows in the Espace® 70TH Installux range adapt perfectly to the particular shape of the roof. To create the timber frame, the aluminium joiner worked with a carpenter. The carpenter took care of the posts, framework, tiles and zinc work. For his part, the aluminium joiner took care of filling the windows.

To create an opening to the outside and to the new terrace, the craftsman chose a Galaxie® 32TH High Performance sliding window, with three leaves and three rails. To ensure there are no obstacles between the extension and the terrace, the sliding track is integrated into the ground, providing both an aesthetic and practical advantage.

In terms of colours, the profiles have benefited from the bicolouring process. This gives a different colour on the inside and outside of the joinery. On the outside, a dark grey which marries perfectly with the colour of the house’s original roof. The inside is a slightly lighter, softer grey. In addition, a frosted matt finish enhances the colour and gives a more aesthetic appearance.

A large-scale project and redevelopment of the façade

The biggest challenge of this project was working on a sloping site, with a masonry structure that had to be perfectly level. A lot of earthworks were therefore necessary to obtain this extension.

In addition, the craftsmen modified the façade to accommodate the new room. A French window and balcony were removed in favour of a window and roller shutters. A second balcony has been reduced in size, while the window and shutters will be replaced with aluminium joinery and roller shutters.

A large-scale project like this can be carried out in several phases. Here, the customers have opted for an extension and will be able to change the house’s existing joinery at a later date. All this while ensuring real continuity with the craftsman, who will be able to manufacture and install the same products for greater consistency.

Extension d'habitation en Haute Savoie par Actuel VérandaRetain the regional style to add value to your property

Renovating or building in keeping with the DNA of your environment is essential. Your craftsman, who has been established in your region for many years, knows its contours inside out. He’ll be at your side to help you develop all your projects, no matter how ambitious. His expertise and knowledge will add real value to your home. Whether it’s an extension, a pergola or joinery, the quality of the workmanship, the installation and the aesthetic value of the products will make your project a lasting investment. He also knows how to propose a project that respects the architectural constraints of your region.

The craftsman’s advice

“It’s essential to think about the overall project beforehand and ensure that it fits in perfectly with the existing house. Thermal insulation is also very important, whether it’s the floors or the roof. At floor level, insulation is placed on top of the raw slab, to avoid thermal bridges and damp. This enhances the overall performance of the structure. We advise our customers not to compromise on thermal performance. If the customer wants to conceal the house or install underfloor heating, it’s essential to take advice from the craftsman, who will integrate the technical solutions beforehand to ensure better integration.”

Actuel Véranda

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Extension d'habitation en Haute Savoie par Actuel Véranda