A modern veranda to enjoy the view by Confort Habitat

Aesthetic comfort Véranda par Confort Habitat dans le Beaujolais

A patio in the shade of an awning, it is agreeable when the weather is good and the summer cool… However, it limits the use of the place. The owners of this pretty Beaujolais house wished to rethink this space to use it more and better. After consultation with Confort Habitat, manufacturer Installux partner, and a study phase lasting several months, a veranda with a modern aesthetic was born.

A key word for this project: comfort. The owners’ idea was to be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the garden, whatever the weather. Thanks to the advices of the expert manufacturer, they chose a Luciole® veranda with flat roof, of 4.8m on 4.4m.

The artisan helped the customer with the administrative formalities – because, in France, the declaration of work is necessary for verandas under 20m2 – and created a tailor-made product. The roof incorporates a two-slope skylight, composed of panels with a high solar control coefficient, which brings a great luminosity to the new living room.




Thinking about the coherence of ensembles

Véranda dans le Beaujolais par Confort Habitat

Controlling sunlight, and therefore heat, played a key role in the conception of this veranda. This was made possible by the conception of different technical processes!

The two-slope skylight is composed of an insulated plasterboard ceiling, a good solution for keeping out both damp and hot weather. Furthermore, high-performance solar control glazing helps preventing the greenhouse effect. In the façade, a contemporary gutter combines with a Comète® 70TH full-height door and Galaxie® 32TH sliding door.

These two products were designed to propose the best thermal insulation possible: thermal break, anti-bimetal effect strip… To emphasize their effects, the roof glazing has been fitted with an anti-sun roller shutter system. We find the same dispositive for the façade, with roller shutters discretely integrated in the gutter. It constitutes an optimal protection against the sunlight, the cold, the looks and the infractions. Finally, a customized heating system has been designed and installed. Thanks to these different devices, the temperature of the new room is regulated and the inside temperature is always the same, with no contrast in atmosphere between the existing building and the extension.

“We were no longer happy with the layout of the patio, but we did not know how to upgrade it. When the artisan Confort Habitat proposed the creation of a veranda, we wondered if it would not cause insolation or waterproofing problems. Well, absolutely not! The extension fits in perfectly with the house. It is a great place to live, summer and winter, in bright sunshine or in the rain. It makes you wonder why we did not think of it sooner!”

Marie-Christine et Dominique
The owners


Véranda par Confort Habitat dans le Beaujolais

A skylight to play with the sunrays

To regulate sunlight in an extension, consider asking for a skylight to be created. That is what the Luciole® veranda is all about! This way, you benefit from a natural light that changes with the day and an extra view of the surrounding countryside. This solution, combined with low consummation projects, declines in various aesthetics, flat or with two-slope, depending on the specifics of the house.

A veranda under the sign of performance

The Luciole® veranda is characterized by its contemporary design and its perfect integration of frames with a view of reducing the aluminum mass, to promote greater daylight. Thanks to 70 and 32TH high performance frames, and a gutter with thermal break, this veranda offers unequalled thermal performance and flawless airtightness. Its aesthetic consistency and meticulous finishes are also remarkable, both indoors and out.

The professional’s testimony

“The real guarantee of success for this type of project is to work with an artisan who knows every aspect of the construction site. It is obviously not only about installing a structure. You have to think about thermal engineering down to the smallest detail, be able to envisage heating and ventilation systems, and work closely with the bricklayer… For us, manufacturers, it is about assuming the role of architect. This explains meticulous study and conception phases!”

Sylvain Petrozzi
Confort Habitat
Installux partner manufacturer


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Véranda dans le Beaujolais par Confort Habitat