Installux Aluminium is a member of the ‘Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities’

The Installux Group joins the Smart Building Alliance (SBA) and is positioning itself as a major player in the rise of Smart in the building sector.

As an honorary member, the Installux Group is committed to supporting the digital transition with other players in the building sector.

Promote and enhance the development of smart buildings.

The Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities brings together and federates industrial companies in the construction sector. Energy, environmental, technological and societal transitions are presenting serious challenges as well as opportunities to take actions by the actors of tomorrow’s cities.

In recent years, technology in the construction market has grown exponentially. The city of tomorrow is being built, the buildings are getting smarter…

The Installux Group is committed to representing the ecosystem and promoting the Smart Building, by creating smart buildings and offering connected and design solutions.

The aluminium industry, a major player in the city of tomorrow

Created in 2012, the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities (SBA) federates more than 100 organisations representing all the building professions as well as the Smart City players to think and shape the Smart Building concept. Its ambition is to enable its members to contribute to the development of the Smart Buildings sector and to rise the value of the building for all the actors involved: owners, users, communities. Chaired by Emmanuel François, the SBA’s mission is to support the construction industry in the major challenges of digital, environmental and sustainable development.