Patio cover Éclipse® 360°

The Eclipse 360° system is a modular, upgradable patio cover concept.

Patio cover Éclipse® 360°

The Eclipse 360° system is a modular, upgradable patio cover concept.

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Plus features

  • Pre-drilled modular system for simplicity in manufacturing and installation.
  • Tubular aluminum profile blades providing a flat ceiling appearance.
  • Adjustable blades up to 135° for optimal light transmission.
  • 100% integrated electric linear actuator motorization for silent and smooth operation.
  • A wide range of integrated and scalable comfort options (lighting, side blinds, etc.).
  • Thermolacquered profiles guaranteed for up to 25 years (shade class 2), certified by Qualicoat®, Qualimarine®, and Qualanod®.
  • Simple Flex inside: Single-blade motorization/kinematics kit that makes implementation easier and the system more robust.


Against the facade – 1 module

  • Blades parallel to the facade: L 4m x D 6m x H 3m (Maximum limits)
  • Blades perpendicular to the facade: L 6m x D 4m x H 3m (Maximum limits)

Against the facade – 2 modules

  • Blades parallel to the facade with intermediate post: L 10m x D 5m x H 3m (Maximum limits)
  • Blades perpendicular to the facade with intermediate post: L 12m x D 4m x H 3m (Maximum limits)


  • Parallel blades: L 5m x D 5m x H 3m (Maximum limits)
  • Perpendicular blades: L 5m x D 5m x H 3m (Maximum limits)

Note: L = Length / D = Depth / H = Height



Possibility to make a 90° cut to optimize manufacturing times, with the use of cut covers, or 45° miter cuts for a streamlined finish.


With a pronounced design, this new pergola, deliberately positioned as a high-end option, is composed of robust beams, measuring 285 mm in height. It can accommodate integrated sliding side blinds and also allows for an unobstructed view when in the open position.

The 175 mm post incorporates an optimized rainwater drainage system. The imbalance in the post/beam masses imparts a robust look and a modern aesthetic.

Finishing profiles enable customization options and provide a perfect fit for corner cuts.


Lighting & flat roof

  • Direct or indirect lighting on 2 or 4 sides
  • LED strip built into the slat
  • Centralized control of chosen options
  • Extruded aluminium slats with a modern, high-performance design that addresses weather-tightness and noise issues in the closed position.

Total integration

The Eclipse 360° patio cover is exclusive and innovative, maintaining slender lines while accommodating fully integrated comfort solutions:

  • Visual design: the comfort solutions are built seamlessly into the structure (vertical draw blind, LED lighting, louvre panel, bioclimatic roof, fill-panels, etc.). The electric linear drive unit is built into the post and provides a noiseless solution.
  • Upgradable: Comfort options can be integrated as and when the need arises.
  • High performance: not just a water run-off system but a complete rainwater drainage system built into one of the posts.


Intermediate Beam

Key Features

  • Dedicated templates for machining the central beam
  • Beam capable of supporting heavy loads
  • One actuator motor per module
  • Reinforced sleeving for perfect rigidity

Customization & finishes

Add a touch of personalization to the pergola with customizable beam profiles. Create colour coherence with the facade, with fashion, with desires… transform the pergola into a unique version for your client.

Offer a wide range of fabrics for the integrated vertical blind, in the ‘Comfort Touch’ collection created in partnership with the fabric manufacturer Serge Ferrari.

  • Customizable structure colour
  • Customizable exterior finishing profile colour
  • Customizable blind and load bar colour


Focus Solution



Product plus features

  • 100% integrated actuator motorization for a clean and protected aesthetic with a clipped cover.
  • Integrated linear electric actuator motor for silent and smooth operation.
  • Encoder motor: possibility of mounting multiple motors in parallel.
  • IP66 protection rating for dust and waterproofing.
  • Optimal motor accessibility: positioned at the end for easy access in case of intervention.
  • Rack with gear-driven blade drive system: silent mechanism, maintenance-free, smooth movement.
  • Pre-set start and end position sensors with the control unit. Ready-to-integrate kit.

Focus Smart

Integrated, centralized control center

The home automation control centre is designed to fit in the post to address the system’s accessibility concerns. To facilitate implementation, a central electrical control box is created that enables interconnection of the various cables, resulting in a patio cover that can be operated by a remote handset as well as a smartphone. The Somfy control centre is embedded in the Eclipse 360°.


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