Stylish windows from Installux aluminium systems

As a gateway to the outside world, windows are an opportunity to discover and be discovered, and for this reason they deserve special attention. Regardless of whether it's for a new construction or renovation project, aluminium windows are definitely the solution to your needs. Moreover, with its many options, you can achieve the exact aesthetics you're looking for.

fenêtres design fabriquées avec les systèmes Installux

Customized designs thanks to Installux aluminium casement doors and windows

Needless to say, the selection of windows is an important factor influencing the aesthetics of a house. The days when manufacturers could only offer a few standardised models are long gone! Modern windows come in a wide range of colours and finishes according to your wishes. Installux has designed its 70TH, 32TH, 50TH & 26TH ranges of casement doors and windows to ensure total customization while respecting the latest trends. With a wide range of colours and accessories, your windows, bay windows and sliding windows can be tailor-designed to suit your unique project, whether it’s a renovation or a new construction site.

Discover Installux Windows

Installux casement doors and windows are made in accordance with the RAL colour chart offer glossy, matt or textured shades adding touch to the visual pleasure. You can also choose shades that imitate the natural appearance of the wood as well as metallic and sandblasted colour charts. You can experiment with bright colours that will add tone to facades that are too plain, or even mix textures so as to play with light and hues. For an ever more consistent appearance, our aluminium profiles can also be given a two-tone colour scheme to harmonise your windows with interior and exterior designs.

fenêtres aluminium avec un aspect bois

Focus on harmony for windows and bays

The concept of harmony is an important aesthetic value, and this obviously applies to any window or bay window. The Installux ranges of casement doors and windows are designed as coherent units with each element reflecting the overall style. For example, by arranging sashes of different sizes on a façade, you can play with the window openings and the glass measurements. Each finish and each accessory reinforces the overall appearance.

Are you looking for windows that will reflect the timeless style of a house and preserve its traditional elegance? Our aluminium casement doors and windows come with beading and moulded joint covers. Are you a fan of clean lines? Installux has developed elegant contemporary or traditional interior styles in order to adapt the casement doors and windows   to suit every aesthetic taste. That is why the 70th and 32th ranges come with square or chamfered exterior designs which can be combined with mixable interior glazing beads, square, rounded or chamfered as well. The 50th & 26th ranges also offer a moulded design that matches more traditional projects.

montage de photos montrant des fenêtres aluminium

Focus on… aluminium, a chameleon-like material

It is well known that the high resistance and insulating properties of aluminium as well as its capacity to produce very fine structures with a large glazing area make it the ideal material for casement doors and windows. But did you know that it is also a chameleon-like material that can take on a multitude of shades… and maintain these shades? Whether you prefer plain or bright colours, wood effect or reflections, aluminium can be customized to suit all your needs, whether in a new construction or to restore an existing window without rusting or being distorted. Windows and bay windows will always remain as good as new!

The powder coating of Installux products has a 10-year guarantee. This technology can be used for all shades of the RAL colour chart and beyond. The colours chosen whether for new construction or renovation are all compliant with the most stringent standards in the industry and bear the Qualibat, Qualidéco and Qualimarine labels, which guarantee shiny aluminium   casement doors and windows under any climate and any environment.

fenêtres aluminium sur mesure mises en valeur

Be creative and bring out the colours! With aluminium, you have endless possibilities that will give windows and bay windows that original look.