Aluminium gates and joinery: Prioritising Your Security

Your home is much more than just a comfortable space; it's where you should feel safe and secure. At Installux, we understand the importance of your peace of mind, which is why our products have been designed with your security in mind.

Portail aluminium sécurisé Installux

A Sturdy and Secure Aluminium Gate

Your gate isn’t just a barrier; it defines an area where you should feel secure. At Installux, we’ve worked diligently to ensure this security in two essential ways.

A Sturdy and Secure Aluminium Gate

The Robustness of the Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium, a lightweight and durable material, is also incredibly resilient, ensuring your gate will perform its function no matter the circumstances. Moreover, it’s far sturdier than PVC, meaning it can withstand the harshest of impacts.

Equipment Safety

Our gates comply with anti-pinch finger regulations, ensuring your daily safety. A compact safety joint is placed between the support post and the swing gate upright. The sliding gate, on the other hand, features roller covers for added security


Optimal Security for Joinery

The light, colours, and aesthetics of joinery should not overshadow their protective role. At Installux, we’ve designed our ranges of windows, bays, and doors with the idea that comfort is best appreciated when accompanied by a sense of security. Once again, security is at the heart of our design, with two key concepts.

Access to Installux aluminium products and accessories

Reliable and Robust Joinery

A quality window or bay window should not only regulate light and temperature but also ensure your comfort and peace by shielding you from external disturbances.

High Performance Aluminium Solutions

Our aluminium joineries come equipped with delayed or anti-breakage glazing, regardless of their dimensions. These laminated glazings consist of layers bonded together with a transparent plastic film, enhancing the security of your windows, bays, doors, and more. Furthermore, our aluminium joineries can be complemented by high-performance roller shutters, preventing objects and intruders from accessing the glazing. Lastly, our bay windows and doors can be fitted with reinforced locking systems, such as three-point locks.

des menuiseries en aluminium sécurisées

Highlighting Home Security through Home Automation

Home automation is the future of our dwellings, and at Installux, we explore its security advantages. Imagine a remote-controlled motorized gate, audible and visual alarms, and motion sensor-triggered lighting. By combining security and communication, Installux simplifies your daily life.

Your security is our priority at Installux because your home deserves to be a place where you genuinely feel safe. With our aluminium gates and joineries, as well as our modern approach to home security, we are committed to offering you complete peace of mind. With us, you can live in total serenity because your security is in good hands.

utilisation d'un portail motorisé en aluminium