Aluminium gate: aesthetics and ultra-customisation

A gate is like the business card of a house, the first impression that sets the tone and the colours. Therefore, aesthetics play an important role as the functionality.

The flexibility of the custom-made gate

What is generally expected from a gate?

  • to protect the house and the garden;
  • to be easy to handle;
  • to require low-maintenance;
  • to be aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminium is the choice material for customised gates. Flexible and almost dimensionally stable, light and resistant, it is suitable for all projects and meets all requirements: swinging or sliding gates, even in large widths or with a wicket gate and fence.

The Satellite® aluminium gate designed by Installux is available in several models, to adapt as closely as possible to the aesthetic requirements and configuration of access to each house. If, for example, the entrance is close to the garage or is located on the roadside, the sliding gate will be the ideal solution. On the contrary, in the case of a wide clearance and a driveway without slope, then the swing gate is preferable. Single or double-leaf swing gate opening inwards or outwards, sliding gate, self-supporting gate with or without rail: the manufacturing possibilities are numerous thanks to the Installux aluminium gate systems.

portail en aluminium

Uncompromising aesthetics

The Satellite® range of portals is available in several looks with different fillings and finishes. Whether you prefer a pure contemporary lines or traditional elegance, it is always possible to adopt a model for you.

For a classic-style home, a wrought iron-inspired aluminium bar will produce the desired effect. A wide range of finishes: from metal tips to volute ornaments to festoons and sharp spike. For a project requiring ultra-modern aesthetics, the contemporary models offer original designs and finishes, such as different colour shades, colour lacquered sheet metal fillings, decorative panels with or without oculi, open or semi-open louvers…

And so that nothing is left to chance, this range of profiles and portal accessories has been conceived as a global concept available in fencing and gates, with a consistent and customisable aesthetics.

portails de différents styles en aluminium

Focus on the motorised aluminium gate

Whether it is a swing or sliding gate, installing a remote control system for the motorised gate enhances comfort and safety.

And the aesthetics are not to be outdone! For the sake of harmony and consistency of lines, Installux has designed invisible motorisation systems by integrating the motor and electronic board directly into the pivot shaft of the gate. No apparent mechanism, the interior aesthetic is therefore preserved.

portail moderne et ajouré en aluminium